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Posted by paul_mccaughey | Nov 29, 2013 @ 01:48 PM | 2,932 Views
i got this elipsa kit a while back from Micron RC in the UK. it's been designed by flight line plans who sell kit's/plans via micron.
i got it as it's a bit different, it should fly nicely in the small gym we fly in over winter or in calm summer days as a small distraction from my bigger gliders.

it requires a small 2g brushless, 3a brushless esc, 240 mah battery (might go smaller depending on weight/performance). i was going to use a lemon rx and solder direct to the board but decided to go with an ar6400 that i had in a plane i couldn't get to fly well so junked it.

all the laser cut parts are nicely done and it's got a fairly comprehensive hardware pack although my pack never contained the brass wire used for the control rod supports. i improvised and use short sections of cut plastic tube.

it's the first time i had used depron and i think i rather like it. i could never get on with the old kits or building techniques that required parts to be cut out from printed sheet. experimenting with depron offcuts i found it to be easily cut with minimal damage to the material. sanding also works well on it....Continue Reading