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Posted by ynonorr | Jun 11, 2013 @ 04:11 PM | 2,424 Views
A photo update of the work I've bin doing on the mast for my Shelley Foss.
I made two of them, one from the Dumas plans and the
other from pictures of the Shelly from the internet.

The one from the Dumas plans I used 3mm LED's
and the other with 4mm 12v. lights.

The LED's and lights will run on 12v dc, The LED's
down to 3.0v and the light to 10.0v using resistors.
I'm running the lights at 10.0v so they will last longer.

The mast will be painted Foss green ( or as close as I can get)
and the bases of the lights will be black (they look black in the photos I can find).

This is my exhaust stack.
I sanded to much near the top so it's narrower than it should be.
So I added the exhaust tip pipes to see how it looks.
I'm still up in the air with it. I may start all over again.
little closer prototype