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Posted by Hallmark | Apr 18, 2012 @ 12:00 AM | 2,974 Views
Hi all,

I have been flying now for about two months and I have gone from being a crash, crush and curse flyer to - well - a bit of a noobie ace...

Seriously though the biggest question that beginners face is which plane should I learn on? Many of us look at the RC model websites and wonder what would be best, 3 or four channel? Push prop gliders or RTFs? High or low wing trainers etc etc... So I would like to help out with these suggestions.

I was in this same position in February (it is now mid-April) and I asked the 'friendly' sales guys at the hobby shop I liked the look of online. They said yes that Cessna is perfect for you, it is EPO foam so will repair easily if you crash it, it has all you need to fly in the box and as it has flaps it will be capable of slow flight and landings. So I ordered it as well as about $800 of other stuff for my entry into RC flying.

I then went to a local shop and bought Phoenix Flight Simulator (this was the best early purchase I'd made) and after screwing it up for an hour or so I was flying around in their Cessna 182 no worries. I scaled it to meet the weight, size and characteristics of the model I had coming and spent days flying in every spare moment I had. I actually became quite the 'screen' pilot.

So my Cessna arrived and I built it up after reading the Chinglish instructions and writing a sensible translation of the same. It pays to note this was supposedly ready to fly for beginners.

Once I built up the...Continue Reading