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Posted by CaptRon21 | Oct 29, 2012 @ 01:48 PM | 2,146 Views
Always loved the P51

Posted by CaptRon21 | Oct 29, 2012 @ 01:32 PM | 2,139 Views
Been flying this for a few weeks now, she doesn't like coming down thats for sure!

Hanger9 Pulse XT
Posted by CaptRon21 | Jul 20, 2012 @ 12:23 PM | 2,638 Views
Got my new Spectrum DX6i on Wednesday, it was like christmas morning when I was a kid. Got the EasyStar set up and everything seems to work well. Going to install a receiver in my Super Fly Box and going up to the field tonight. Hopefully there will be an instructor around and the wind dies down before dusk.
Posted by CaptRon21 | Jul 18, 2012 @ 01:29 PM | 2,774 Views
It's been 4 months and plenty has happened. I'm on my third Easystar, these things can take a lickin. Bought a used CB Protege, but was impatient and tried to fly it alone (crashed it to pieces). I'll never do that again! Getting better now that I built a tray for my radio and I'm not shaking as much. Last Thursday evening somehow broke the antenna of my Dynam transmitter. Not too upset, because I've been eyeing the Spectrum DX6i. Surprisingly, Grayson Hobby had it on sale. Comes with 3 receivers for $209. It should be here this afternoon. My P51 has been hangin on the wall for a few months now. I hope to get good enough to still fly it this year.
Posted by CaptRon21 | Feb 19, 2012 @ 06:02 PM | 2,583 Views
Took the Wild Hawk out again today, this time I brought my wife for good luck.
Well, it worked, I made 4 successful flights. Even the wife was impressed how well I was flying (I think I put the bug in her). The only down side was I've noticed that it doesn't turn well to the left, not sure if it's not enough rudder surface area or the servo. As a matter of fact, the elevator could have more throw too. I've seen several Youtube video's were people have extended the surface area to make it fly better, but I've seen others that flew with no problems right out of the box. I guess I'll have to ask a few instructors at the club for their opinion.
Either way, it was great to finally get some flying time in without any major crashes.
Posted by CaptRon21 | Feb 18, 2012 @ 07:05 PM | 2,705 Views
Plane: Harbor Frieght, Wild Hawk $99

Well, this is my first entry but I've had two previous flights that were nothing to talk about. Both flights only lasted about 5 seconds and in both cases, after about 20ft the plane went straight up, over and came crashing down. Fortunately, no major damage was sustained, only my self esteem. I read everything I could on the Wild Hawk and made some mods. Installed a Dynam 7ch receiver (to work with my Dynam transmitter from my P51) and added some wieght (1.25oz) to the nose to bring the CG forward a bit.
Today the winds were light and variable 5-10mph, so I decided to give it another try and went out about 4pm. Launched her and she glided forward but went down like I was landing it. mmmm, to much weight? Maybe, so I took out the weights. This time when I did a flight check, I noticed the elevator was going in the wrong direction. Flipped the switch on the transmitter, all systems go!
Launched it and she flew like a bird. What a great feeling, but that only lasted about 15 seconds. I moved the elevator to go up a bit and then I started to turn her left and she went left and she kept going left. The left wing pointed to the ground and she just kept going in circles. I cut the throttle, but she took a hard landing on the nose and it broke off just behind the cockpit.
Brought her home and used a few toothpicks and some hot glue to put her back together. Doing a filght check, I notice that the rudder does not go to the right as far as it does to the left. After some tweaking, I think I have it corrected. Well, she's sitting here in the garage, but it's dark now and I'll have to wait for another good day.
BTW, I will NOT be taking my Dynam P51 out until I get a LOT more flying experience.