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Posted by KKDDMM | Nov 30, 2012 @ 07:50 AM | 12,812 Views
I went to "Castle" today,for checking a sample of V922 again.
And I tried simple-3D-mode,I could fly up-side-down hover.
(I can not do 3D)
And asked a few questions to storekeeper about V922 (and FBL100).
And checked myself.

So I knew......
1) Between V922 and FBL100,the heli is the SAME things.(storekeeper told)
2) The NEW TX of V922 has only 2 switch at each shoulder,
Left is simple-3D-mode,right is only motor kill.(each SW has 2 positions)
During in flight,you can operate only 2 switch,at each shoulder.
3) Perfection mode-free(1-4).
4) In set-up-mode you can only change,D/R(high or low),mode(1-4).
5) The NEW TX has no model-memory,has no EXP-curve,perhaps.
6) Perhaps RTF of V922 is cheaper about 200RMB than FBL100.(storekeeper told)
7) If you can fly CP-heli,you should better choice TX of FBL100,I think,
because TX of V922 has no EXP,no Flight-mode,no model-memory.

I cheched a sample,so maybe be different with production model.
Posted by KKDDMM | Nov 29, 2012 @ 08:48 PM | 9,702 Views
A NEW Heli came,She is not a clone of V911,a little large.
The TX is looks like F47's TX,but not same size,and not compatible.
And can not bind with 9X......

She is better than FD1098,can fly well than F47.
(I hope I can find a compatible TX,it can bind with F47.)
Posted by KKDDMM | Nov 24, 2012 @ 09:57 PM | 11,792 Views
I went to "Castle of Toys" yesterday.
I was very lucky to meet V922's sample.
I checked NEW TX and V922,and tried flight.(only hover (I can't do 3D))
The NEW TX is better than old TX,big enough for control.
And storekeeper said,this NEW 6ch TX can not bind other old WL-TOY's products,NEW 4ch TX can bind old products.
The sample TX had a print "4 channel" and sample heli had a canopy of FLB100......
He said V922 will come at Dec.20,perhaps.
Posted by KKDDMM | Nov 23, 2012 @ 10:30 AM | 10,601 Views
I've got a NEW clone today.
She is almost same as V911,except battery and 2.4G system,She can not bind to 9X.
So I was disappointed......

She can fry well than SH-6032,6035,and F47.
But can not use 9X,so D911 is better than YD-917,I think.

see next page more photos.
Posted by KKDDMM | Nov 20, 2012 @ 11:21 AM | 10,411 Views
I ordered Her yesterday,and I've got Her TODAY!How fast!
She is not a copy of V911.
She is a Franken of 270A(main blade),MINI-CP(rudder),and more.
I like her servos,not on boad,and I like her slim canopy.
She flies very stable.

but...not enough slant of swashplate,so can not turn with bank.
I modded bell bar light,and changed linkage of swash to outside of servo horn,
but not enough......

and TX of RTF is better than TX of V911,but not very good as 9X.
So I must look for compatible TX,same as 9X.

Do you know fine TX,it can bind to F47(F45)???

see next page,more photos......
Posted by KKDDMM | Nov 12, 2012 @ 10:59 AM | 10,475 Views
I got a NEW heli today.
Her name is "No.9039" DEFATOYS made.
She can bind to 9X,Her TX can baind to V911,compatible with V911 !!!
And Her TX is better than V911's TX,I think.
But She isn't stable......perhaps the weight of bell bar is too heavy.
I'll try change the bell bar for lightweight bar next time.

So......Can I call Her "D911" ???

See next page,more photos.
Posted by KKDDMM | Nov 08, 2012 @ 07:01 AM | 9,758 Views
I found a NEW heli of WL-TOYS yesterday.
The NEW heli's TX is a little large.
So......Can this TX bind to V911???
I want to know.

I'm thinking......must buy? not buy?
This bird is too large for me......