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Posted by seahorse41 | Dec 02, 2013 @ 01:08 PM | 1,645 Views
I've changed my avatar to something that flies. I did programming work on FlightGear models for several years, after all, so this should be more appropriate for rcgroups.

I have continued to document and compare bugs or features in the Mobius Action Cam at

I did catch on video this year in March the 3rd dog attack upon my horse while riding. This time the dog did tear her open and draw blood. Read the full story, see the video, and the resulting court case at
Posted by seahorse41 | May 04, 2012 @ 03:06 PM | 1,985 Views
Time for me to say something here.
I made a page
to compare the 808 #11 and #16. I originally needed to ask why the quality was so different, when the hardware is supposed to be the same.
While I am very encouraged to see the ability to set various preferences, the purpose I use this camera for needs very clear images, and fast "boot-up on time" to catch dangerous lawbreakers here. Neither #11 or #16 provide true one-touch record, which is what I really need when attached to a helmet brim, where I can not see the lights.

I need to explain what is happening here, that necessitates this.

The residents here in our rural residential neighborhood, are getting upset at the lack of action or enforcement of the 30 MPH speed limit.
Combined with the number of animals run over in the last 4 plus years, and the increasing number of close-calls including Yours-truly, the danger is high enough that residents do not feel comfortable walking alongside the road. This is not a freeway!
I've been nearly run over several times, and when a vehicle comes at your horse at 50 MPH leaving only a few feet to spare, either you move out of the neighborhood, or take back your neighborhood. If the good people do nothing, then what hope is there?
This year there are enough neighbors who are upset, because this spring, the frequency and velocity has risen to such a level that I felt compelled to increase my attempts to get proof for law...Continue Reading