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Posted by sprstemvnose | Sep 21, 2012 @ 03:26 PM | 5,280 Views

After big crash with new SONY NEX5 camera (copter v2 R.I.P) I decide to return some fun to the hobby and I rebuild it to the FPV special with SONY KX201 cam and HERO HD cam on board, simple OSD just for GPS informations, Quanum telemetry for Voltage Alarm

The 5,8Ghz does not satisfy me a lot (maybe is it due the FATSHARK Dominator 5,8Ghz reciever) and I am back in 2,4Ghz. I have to change the hitec Optima to my old Sherrer diversity reciever 433Mhz. With new groundstation I can fly 3km to all ways and 5km to the patch antenna direction and no fear to loose video signal (keeping the right attitude is neccesary). But with copter I am using it max. to 500m, I am still to scary go longer distances with copter...but it is all time biger fun to fly near around me

Big difference in my new ground station is wireless transmiting of video to the DOMINATOR glasses on 5,8Ghz. Copter is sending the video on 2,4Ghz to the GS and GS is sending the video by 5,8Ghz to the glasses. Then I add also the JAPAN FPV DVR, nice device and no neccesary to take my notebook with EasyCap device.

My point was to made it easy deploayble and more compact.
Everything is placed in to the diplomatic case, powered is it by one or two 3S bateries in paralel (1000maH = aprox. 1hour). Some BECs inside for DVR and 5,8Ghz video TX, also Li-Po volatage alarm is there (even this function is also in Oracle device).
2,4Ghz Tx and two Rxs are Lawmate with circle polarised antennas (3 lobs clover...Continue Reading