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Posted by sprstemvnose | Jun 13, 2012 @ 02:49 PM | 5,348 Views
Hello RC friends,

I invested to the new toy and I can say I realy like it.
It is 100miles from aiplane rc flying, I have to learn everything from very beginning...
The package deal inlude also second flight controler with roll stabilized gimbal.
I had to forgot to get some nice video now, still learning basic flying like turning and so on.
No safe for flying with camera, sometimes crash occur...

Realy thanks for support of the guys here on multiwii forum, with their support I was able to solve problems on start.
Now I can feel it is in my hands and depends just on my skills (still very low )
Aproximately 20 GWS props is broken, they are realy soft, but also cheap and works well if you landing corectly.
The bottom props are on Y6 really on low positions, nice grass-cutter, the best I ever see

Video from first outdoor flying here.

Y6 Scarab multiwii copter - first outdoor flights, Čestlice (2 min 55 sec)

Instead HERO camera I placed for the learning just a litle toy-fish with big face for better orientation (not in video, just on photos)

Bye David.