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Posted by sprstemvnose | May 09, 2012 @ 12:56 PM | 5,009 Views
Hi there,

the HD HERO 2videos are here, mode is 1080p, wide, 30frames,
edited by Power DVD director,
some of short parts in video are stabilzed by this software, but realy just few short parts for test of this funcionality

*BETA 1400 EG wings, finally the aircraft does not make obstacle in the picture.

*Not so stable videos as last time, because not so tranquil air this day, the air was unstable due the thermal streams.

*I can say now that you got much more stable video when the early morning flying, when is air unturbulent.

*better results when flying high with CP antennas, picture still nice at 900AGL

Bye, David
late evening flying
FPV Beta 1400 - Sunset Flying 2 (5 min 32 sec)

first clouds contact
Beta 1400 FPV - Clouds kissing (3 min 45 sec)
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Posted by sprstemvnose | May 03, 2012 @ 05:07 PM | 5,776 Views
Hello all FPV pilots,

I made some improvments on my BETA 1400. Firstly I have to say, that 1,2kg all on board weight is to much for this airplane.
It was very unstable and uneffective, 13 minutes flight time with 2200maH 3S Li-Po. The pure taste of flying starts be missing me...

*Then I made upgrade to BETA 1800 - I changed the wings for the Easyglider ones.
Now is it so stable in the air I realy like it.
Flight time increased to 20 minutes with same batteries
I loose however a speed performance a litle bit

*Wings upgrade was very easy, it was already prepared for those wings, nothing necessary to cut or change
(I have BEta 1400 type 2 - as I know there are three types of them, just evolution, but some details are realy different, for example wing fixation system)

*when I put the video transmiter out from old wings, then I decide to change the video antennas to CP ones,
Now is there clover leaf antenna on Vtx (3 wires)
on first VRx is clover leaf 4 wire antenna
on second VRx is CP patch 8dB
both VRx stil connected thrue Oracle diversity controler, I will love this device for forever

*I have to say that CP antennas (experience with them just from the first flights) are awesome, the picture is prety nice
maybe is just subjective, but online video feed is much more clearer then before, I think it canot be beter now!

*I dont tested now the CP antennas on the long distance, "only" 1,8km and now problems, I have to made soon distance...Continue Reading