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Posted by sprstemvnose | Mar 29, 2012 @ 03:13 PM | 4,897 Views
Hello guys!

No modifications on system, I would like just to share it

When I am thinking now, some litlle modifications...
HERO on litle higher position.
Then finally I can produce HD video, using Power Cyberlink Director, works nice.

New/ 2nd platform (Cularis) is in projecting phase

The first video was flying above my born village, awesome time for me!
Thank you for watching.

Bye David.

FPV flying BETA 1400 - Čestlice a okolí, HD HERO on board (6 min 14 sec)

FPV flying BETA 1400 - Předboř, D1 (4 min 20 sec)
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Posted by sprstemvnose | Mar 16, 2012 @ 01:44 PM | 5,405 Views
Hello pilots!

winter ends here finally today! Today was hot weather, I set my new personal distance record to 3,5km.

*I made some improvements for get the weight of The plane down.
Firstly change the Video 1000mAH battery for 500mW - save 55g
Then I cut-out part of TBS 690 Pixim Seawolf heat sink - save 10g
Change power connectors for video for the tinny ones - save 3g
Shortening of some servo and power cables - 8g
Remove some hotglue -5g
Save together 81g... satisfying
Now my FPV Beta 1400 weights 1190g all on board

*Thinking to build second FPV platform with beter flying performance, maybe Cularis ...

Some fllight from last week here, it is village I know very well for long time, it was awesome to see it from the air firstime!
FPV flying BETA 1400 - Modletice (5 min 51 sec)