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Posted by sprstemvnose | Feb 20, 2012 @ 06:53 PM | 5,378 Views
Hello RC friends, firstly I now it is terrible expensive, but picture is the best, I like the 120fps and I am planning to use HERO not just for FPV.

Photos of upgrade as below...

Today I finally tested the ORACLE and works very good.
I feltl it as help to be sure, that I do everything to dont loose a Beta.
I set my new record also today - 1850m far away from GS, measured by SIMPLE OSD GPS. Quality of video signal was not bad, but I forgot move patch antenna on to the higher angle and remembr about that during the flight.
I was so afraid I turned back and dont catch the 2km, nevermind
*I have to prepare my pre-start check list for next-time, to many things to set before flight... easy to forget something...

*I use it with 10dB patch antenna on the 1st Vrx and rubber ducky antenna on the second one (the tunned). Sensitivity of Oracle adjusted to medium
When flying behind me it just beeps sometime and swtch from p0atch to whip
Also after 1km Oracle sometimes beeping (switching to the better source), that I expected from it

*also mounted ready made RC PAN TILT set, works well, but dont like to much because aerodynamic issues... it is to high

*but really big challenge is placing my new GO PRO HERO 2 camera on BETA together with FPV system, my todays 3 flghts with GO PRO installed on the wing was not good, also aerodynamic issues. With HERO (without case) and PAN TILT I can stay now in the air just 15 minutes instead 30minuts without it. If I cut mottor...Continue Reading
Posted by sprstemvnose | Feb 16, 2012 @ 06:35 PM | 5,343 Views
Hello FPV maniacs, yesterday I improved my groundstation with second Vrx and Oracle - David reporting
picture of v.2 ground station below somewhere

But firstly ...Gamekeepers (local hunters) dont like I am flying somwhere in the midle of nowhere.

Result is no more flying there, I have to change my place... I think I am in love in this piece of ground, my first 6 FPV sesions, 8,5hours of euphoria, I know this place a well now, probably better then the hunters who dont like me there It is also important place from my childhood, therefore the flying there had a special taste for me, S**T!
Conditions wil be different next-time, generally not good for new stuff testing... nevermind, I am in peace, new place is also nice and places theywill comming in the future...

Back to Ground Station
However now is not good weather to ORACLE testing, but looking forward for it.
From some basic test I made on the ground it looks that ORACLE is nice and working. During the Brightnes calibration everything works perfectly.
Sensitivity set on normal.

*In ORACLE is then a low voltage alarm possible to set to any voltage I want (probably surprise for me only ), really nice job!

*for now is plan a use one Vrx (the tunned one) with Lawmate stock rubber ducky antenna 2-3dB(I dont know, this information no possible to find) and the second Vrx with patch antenna (panel) 10dB

*first test flight will be just with new 10dB panel antenna without googles and after video check try it again with diversity
plan is to record the oracle device by mobilphone camera for later function check

*after I will connect finally the microphone on aircraft, then I would like to try the trick with just one Vrx Audio connection for easy video switching recognize
Posted by sprstemvnose | Feb 14, 2012 @ 07:57 AM | 5,441 Views
Hi RC friends,

OSD and PAN activated,
here is my last 8minutes video cutted form 3hours of flying...
FPV flying BETA 1400 - Nice moments (7 min 53 sec)

Posted by sprstemvnose | Feb 12, 2012 @ 01:55 PM | 5,550 Views
Hi all video pilots!
Some improvements were made on my FPV Beta 1400

*PAn servo added, however no possible to get full 180 field of wiev with this basic servo.
I thinked that it will be possible to adjust on Aurora thrue E.P.A. but dont find a solution
probably some servo stretcher help me or special servo

*PAN is controled by slider on Aurora 9, Head tracking no possiblle on this radio, trying to find some solution but...

*Camera is now on a little higher position due the PAN servo, I think it is better now

*SIMPLE OSD board connected, however I made some polarity misstake in connection of one currency sensor and destroy it...
new sensor ordered, now I am monitoring just video battery

*It looks, that SIMPLE OSD works correctly,
just everytime in some random time in flight is displayed "waiting for GPS position fix" (and dont disappear), but GPS is still working, dont understand...
It is a litle annoying to have it this message in the picture, can anybody help?

*Mix of throtle to elevator helps a fly straight as arrow on high speed.
Max. speed tested 98Km/h
Max. level speed 80Km/h

*Aurora 9 with original NiMh 1300mAh battery (fully charged) with Sherrer UHF connected powered on 1Wat, instantly after powerup Aurora, it displays 60% of battery.. just tested 2W, then it goes to 37%!!!
It is why I also changed the battery in Aurora for the new Li-Po 2S 2100mAh, now it shows on 1W after power on 100%

New photos of upgraded setup below

Here is a last video I edited
FPV flying BETA 1400 - Sunset flying (12 min 59 sec)

the video with OSD and PAN activated comming soon
Posted by sprstemvnose | Feb 05, 2012 @ 02:48 PM | 8,338 Views
Setting desrcriptions updated at 16.3.2012

Airplane settings:
FPV project BETA 1400
Frame - Beta 1400 (EasyStar copy) with ailerons
Motor - AXI 2808/20 + 7"x 7" Graupner
Servo - 4x Hitec 8grams
Motor regulator - FOXY 35A BEC
Rx - UHF 433Mhz Sherrer diversity 12ch in a fuselage
Camera - TBS PIXIM Seawolf 690TVL
Pan & Tilt - ReadymadeRC PAN TILT module, PAN 180degree, TILT 90degree
HD camera - GoPro HD HERO2 installed on the noose
Microphone from Urban Drones
Vtx - Lawmate 500mW 2,4Ghz TBS tunned on the wing
On Board batteries -Li-Po 3S, 2200mAh for Rx and motor
- separatelly connected Li-Po 3S 1000mAh500mAh for camera, OSD, microphone and Vtx

Record distance now 3,5km
Flying agility - 14minutes
Weight with everything on board - 1190-1210g

Ground Station configuration:
Tx - Hitec Aurora 9 (with 2S Li-Po 2100mAh) + UHF Thomas Sherrer PRO module (500mW - 2W selectable)
Vrx - Lawmate 2,4Ghz TBS tunned with whip antenna 3dB
Vrx2 - Lawmate 2,4Ghz standard with panel antenna 10dB
Video diversity controller ORACLE
Battery - gel PB 12V, 12Ah
Display - Fatshark Dominator goggles
Video recording - Easy CAP device with notebook for video streaming
Everything except notebook mounted on tripod

*VIDEO STRIPES problem solved, it was caused by regulator interference to camera (not motor...Continue Reading