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Posted by anjoi666 | Feb 17, 2013 @ 05:21 PM | 1,903 Views
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Description: stock and brushless
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Description: stock and brushless
The small frame one is the first BL, i am 90% sure it has the hp03 with the xp10 or 12a.... all have the o-ring mods on.
Next is the fully modded one... back of frame brace changed to rkh tail, soild cf tail, all my own soldering work from esc to 3-in-1 etc, tail is also soldered direct with sr120 tail wires to some cat5 wire. CF tail fin, planctro prop, all brand new servos with only 5-10 flights on em. I was running it governed at 76-80% and sometimes slower but mainly just higher headspeeds. hyp 550's with micro deans, i have 3 but are pretty used but still go well for 4mins @ 80%. the motor is the hp05s, with 9t i believe, but the pinion is getting worn, still has a good 50-100 flights but will need changing due to gear wear... rather spend the money changing that then spend loads on gears. MH X frame, MH swash with rear pin, only stock parts are the best ones to keep stock, Grips, Hub, Main shaft, Main gear, and of course the green Blade heli stock blades. i personally favor the stock colored over kbdd, but the kbdd pinks are the $h!t and fly very very stable.
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