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Posted by Ayeager | Sep 28, 2012 @ 06:45 PM | 2,152 Views
So I have three different versions/attempts at making my own H-quad the first attempt was a larger version of the one the guys at flitetest made, with arms bent outward from the body... But after making the arms I realized that the props would then be in the way of the video footage... So that was abondoned..

I then tried making it from 1/8 (6061) aluminum sheet metal which seemed to me WAY too heavy.. The empty frame was 1200gr!!

I have went to 1/16 (5052) aluminum sheet metal and it seems a lot more appropriate weight wise.. Motor to motor distance is 28 inches front to back and left to right, so it's a lot more symmetrical as well... Still waiting for my HK parts !!
Posted by Ayeager | Sep 25, 2012 @ 01:29 AM | 2,719 Views
So after starting into the RC hobby this year, I really didnt know where it would lead me.... and I have learned alot..... Foamies, Warbirds, Bipes, getting into areobatics etc etc... my current venture is building quads... I have attached a couple of pics of two frames I have started... my first one is an H-Quad which is almost done I got from the guys at flitetest here. The second one Im starting is going to be my own version of an H-Quad....

Its been interesting so far as I have never scratch built anything before... and there was no place local to get poplar in 1/2 strips... so I had to get a larger plank of it... borrow a band saw from family... cut up all the pieces, sand it down etc etc.... needless to say not all my angles are perfect but... I'm hoping it will work out ok..

Im using pretty much everything the guys at Flitetest used except for a couple of things..

FC is a KK 3.0 flashed xcopter mode
D4023-850 Out Runner Motors
12x4.7 props

the motors based on specs have alot more power in them and the larger props are going to make some issues with putting a gopro on the front... so I will see what happens when she goes for her maiden this weekend...

after follow the directions on the H-Quad I realized when I went to install the KK board... that I did not have any male to male servo wires..... ugh.. so thats whats holding me up right now!! will post more pics and progress soon!