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Posted by Airlady | May 21, 2012 @ 12:47 AM | 2,491 Views
Sometimes a person may reply to a Old Post Because they have some helpful info to share
Moderator's called me A Noob and Deleted my reply to a older post . Mistake #1
Kinder to pm me before doing so .

Many of people are hobbiest's , I am a electronic's Desighner , Credibility to that 100% Plus my Father was a Master Electrician .

I am not a Noob by any means , You can catch more Bees with Honey than Vinegar ... Do not assume that a new name is a Virgin to Electronics and RC Stuff.
As a woman I am quite fond of P&R which means Public Relations .

I've been around the block quite many year's and love helping people .

So because I buy parts from here thus I am a client of their's . I definitely am not a Noob .

Before making assumptions think about how you would feel if your post's were Deleted because Reason You Replied to a older post ! and Called you a wrong name .
Maybe you had some new helpful information to share . This helps everyone in the big picture .

I too am a Moderator and have been doing it for ages Before I would Delete someones post I kindly would pm that person .