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Posted by Pancari | Feb 06, 2013 @ 05:40 AM | 3,300 Views
I see allot of guys saying "I just blew my heli budget on my <insert latest toy here>". Technology along with China's inability to understand the word "Copyright" has brought some incredibly inexpensive flying toys the past few years. And with quads having one tenth the parts of an FP or CP heli, at $45 bucks a pop all we really need is the room to store them.

Some of us are real electronic guys with a real penchant for technology, others like me can handle a soldering iron and there are those who chose to stay away from anything hotter than a toaster handle.

My entire formal training of electricity came from Mr. Williams, my 8th grade Electrical Shop teacher, thank you sir where ever you are, a massive ball of solid core, single stand copper wire, a big 6V battery, doorbells, buzzers, bulbs, SPST and SPDT switches, series and parallel wiring diagrams and a healthy respect for touching a hot wire. I did not like my E&I course in college and preferred the more physical formulas of mass, velocity and summing moments about a point.

Heli's got me back to electricity, but whatever breaks on the board stays on the board, I'll just buy another board and fly it.

But to have someone PAY me to fly, well that's another deal. I do get the wife telling me to get out of the house and leave her alone, I guess that's like getting paid, right?

With unmanned drones being a very hot topic in the news today you may get the notion that our technology might have...Continue Reading