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Posted by Pancari | Oct 28, 2012 @ 06:02 AM | 3,209 Views
I found this YT video humorous and worthy of watching once

Walkera QR Ladybird Quadcopter Attacks (3 min 25 sec)

This video is an example how to not to get a girl and potentially get fired at the same time.
Posted by Pancari | Oct 27, 2012 @ 09:01 AM | 3,115 Views
I received my 808-16 Lens B a few days ago and looking forward to a test flight this weekend. I'm going to do a Velcro attachment to a body and give it a run.

Next week a massive tropical storm is coming up the east coast putting down rain and high winds and I'll be taking out the V929 to see if it can holds up against high winds..

Just kidding, it failed against 15mph winds a few weeks ago.

But I do want to see how it will does in the rain. Problems is I haven't figured out how to hold an umbrella and a controller at the same time. Then there's the potential interference with the umbrella and the my hat cam.

I guess I need to put more thought into this.
Posted by Pancari | Oct 23, 2012 @ 08:31 AM | 2,938 Views
I used the stock E728 TX for this video, the wind was challenging and all I really tried to do was get the V929 in front of me for flip testing, most footage was not used.

Using the stock canopy painted black worked against me as it was difficult to see the orientation at a distance.

The Alan Parson's song was split into 6 parts to shorten time so repetitive, long video scenes was not used.

Shooting into the sun degrades the video quality and dusk is probably the best time for shooting video.

V929 Flying and Flips Oct 20 2012 (1 min 17 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Oct 14, 2012 @ 11:49 PM | 3,615 Views
Monday Update...
A V929 is no match for 10mph+ winds and had no damage after the controlled drop

V929 in 10mph Winds (0 min 25 sec)

Yesterday I slotted a time to do some flying and when that time came other priorities came up and as time ticked away the WX got colder.

On Sunday morning the wife and I jumped into the car and took a ride down the Jersey shore where I am writing this blog. And for the third time I took my go case that included my V929 and a V911 only to be met by an 11mph wind.

This is a small island, perhaps 1/2 mile wide, fully developed with little grass, only condos, homes and hotels surrounded by water on both sides and sand, lots of sand, 1/4 mile of sand from the end of the street bulkhead to the end the east coast. Sounds like lots of flying area with no trees or obstructions and a soft landing, if you don't mind blowing sand out of your gears and motors in the event of an 11mph wind taking you down.

I bet TayNinh68 is thinking wrapping Saran Wrap around the drive system for protection.

There is a boardwalk in the center of the city, 40' wide and it would be a great platform to fly except for buildings on the west side and the 1/4 mile of sand on the east 10 feet below.

At the west side of the island where I live there is some land, perhaps 30 feet wide and a marshland which is where the 11mph will put you. If I move 1/8 of a mile north I have a large bay of water.

Last time I was here I took a ride to a...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Oct 12, 2012 @ 09:27 AM | 2,970 Views
I thought of another solution to the "Downed Quad is the Lake" problem

See video below.

I need a dog.

Hey Shafter you wanna get rid of that dog that just chewed up your quad, seems he has the right instinct.
Posted by Pancari | Oct 11, 2012 @ 03:26 PM | 2,659 Views
When you start to see commercials or everyone is doing something, it shows what
is called "Herd Mentality", part of the stock market phenomena for momentum buying when a stock goes up for no reason.

And that usually signals it's time to get out as there is market saturation.

Here is yet another example of using heli's in commercials, crappy ones at best but I do believe an SR120 is at the end of the commercial.

Anyone for Hacksack... didn't think so.

That Helicopter Guy at the Mall :30 | VELVEETA Shells & Cheese (0 min 32 sec)

The first guy to spot the error wins and "Attaboy"
Posted by Pancari | Oct 09, 2012 @ 11:36 PM | 2,969 Views
My 808-16- B is on order and should be here before I turn 80.

Assuming I can find the time before the snow and winter wind, I'm considering going to a local small lake, fly over it and chase some ducks across the shore line.

Has anyone else attempted a water crossing or am I the only idiot considering the stunt. It's not like I can jump in and pull it out when its 50' away, I can lose 90 bucks and God know I've N E V E R done that before

I assume some thin fishing line could be a problem when it's across the lake.

Attached is a photo of the area.

You input it appreciated.

Tx in advance
Posted by Pancari | Oct 08, 2012 @ 09:50 PM | 3,672 Views
I've been sitting on these photos for about 2 months, sorry it took so long to put it together.


Turnigy 9X Setting for the WL V929 Quad.mp4 (0 min 52 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Oct 07, 2012 @ 07:03 PM | 3,083 Views
There was not enough roof for 4 fans
Posted by Pancari | Oct 03, 2012 @ 07:04 PM | 2,860 Views
Oct 8

I called Paypal, they applogized fior te 7 cent problem that has locked me upp, accepted a $1.00 payment from me to cover my 0.7 cent deficit and they allowed me to purchase an 808-#16.

A few days alter I purchased a DeWalk battery for my drill and it went through.

I took a look at my online statement and still see the 7 cent deficit.

Man, that really ticks me off so bad that I probably won't watch Dancing with the Stars.

Then again, I never do.



I sent PayPal a credit card payment of 7 cents and it failed because it was too small an amount.

I sent money from my bank account for 7 cents and they did receive it either.

I called Paypal this morning and they accepted a $1 transaction and when I bought the 808-16 Lens B, Paypal said "We'll add the 7 cents you owe us to this transaction" and it went through.

Maybe by January I'll have some completed videos to upload.


Last week I tried to order an 808-16 Lens B from EBay because my junk 808 is complete garbage.

So I put my order in via Paypal, my demon hobby documentor failed.

When I electronically pay my bills and it seems like PayPal is a mortgage payment an I just round it off to the nearest dollar or 5 as its faster. But somehow I was off by a lousy 7 cents.

I tried doing transfers of a few bucks that failed, called Paypal and they recommended a few less timely methods and I just did a direct pay like I always do. That was a week ago and I still owe them...Continue Reading