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Posted by Pancari | Sep 28, 2012 @ 11:16 PM | 3,167 Views
Let's face it, you spent serious bucks on one heli or quad, or ten or twenty and a transmitter with a cost equal to a car payment.

You worry about 0.1 grams of extra weight to get a few seconds of extra flight time out of a 3 month old battery with 30 flights on it.

It was okay to carry your lunch in a crumbled paper bag when you were were in 4th grade, but that was more than a few decades ago.

Perhaps you should extend your demanding behavior to keep your prize possessions from getting banged around in a paper bag while it rolls around in your trunk.

Harbor Freight is once again is selling aluminum cases with foam inserts perfect for our hobby.

Working with foam and laying out the cutouts is not too difficult, but it's the little things that can make the difference for a better job.

It doesn't matter what quad or heli is going in, it's all about tricks.

Making a Case3 (2 min 46 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Sep 24, 2012 @ 11:58 AM | 3,454 Views
A standard 808 camera can be mounted on the top of this body without any problems of center of gravity.
Posted by Pancari | Sep 23, 2012 @ 10:18 PM | 3,991 Views
Sept 25

I took this body, put a regular 808 on it and flew it for a few minutes in my office and while I was wearing my hat cam I failed to turn it on. Due to the extra weight in front, the quad is very nose heavy.excessively pushing forward and I needed all the reverse stick I had to control it.

I cannot recommend my design as is unless double the 808 weight is placed on the rear of the quad to remove the overhung load, severely trim the quad or change the 9X flight settings.

After reviewing the #11 and #16 video comparison and reading a bit more on these cams, I decided to get the standard FOV with an #808-16.


Mounting a standard 808 camera to a V929 is relatively simple with my paper body found in this blog.

A manila folder cut into an 8x11 sheet is very study and inexpensive for this use.

The problem of rotor interference needs to be addressed when using a 120 degree lens. The solution is to mount the camera low and forward relative to the center of the V929.

The attached developed paper sheet will solve the problem.

Photos are attached as a guide to the finished product.

I don't have an 808 with a 120 degree lens so it is untested but I feel my design is accurate.

Please note that I eyeballed the mounting holes so the nose is pointed downward and not level in the photos.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Posted by Pancari | Sep 20, 2012 @ 12:02 AM | 3,095 Views
It only took me two months to fly my V929 outside after nearly destroying it by hitting every wall, chair and computer monitor in my office and needs to be outside or a large indoor area to maximize its abilities like wide banked turns, long straight runs and grass below for the inevitable pilot error, I did a lot of those.

The temperature was 75 degrees with wind speed hitting 10 mph and it held up well and got away from me a few times from flying too high.

My Turnigy 9x was set for 40% endpoints, and feel I need practice till I can increase the endpoints and put some D/R settings into the TX. I’m fly fast guy with long runs and see how close I can come to the ground, myself before pulling away which makes for dramatic video.

This quad takes punishment as I hit the ground a half a dozen times. The driven gear moved twice on the rotor shaft and the upper bracket motor mount moved only once. My wide body made from photo paper fell off one during a hard crash and showed no signs of damage. Red is an excellent body color that shows well against sky and trees and with a lighter canopy color the contrast it’s easy to identify the nose at a distance.

Wooden magnets did attract the V929 about 15’ above grade and I was able to shake the lowest section of the branch till the quad fell to the ground. I need to be prepared next time with my 6’ long tree pruner.

I ran with two new Hyperion 3.7V, 1S, 550ma batteries that included walking to the downed heli multiple times, and getting it down from a tree totaled close to 17 minutes, hard to believe but I took the time from the raw videos shot from my hat cam.. All things considered this was an excellent fly and a quad worthy of ownership.

WL V929 Outdoor Flight Sept 18 2012.wmv (3 min 56 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Sep 19, 2012 @ 05:50 PM | 2,918 Views
Everyone remembers the Law of Supply and Demand, right. Well, that doesn’t apply to us because technology drives down the price and China’s lack of a copy right law allows us to buy things so cheap that it’s almost sinful.

But our Law of Supply and Demand is a bit different and says...
“If someone has a strong demand for something, the supply has dried up”. There is an Erdnuckel Corollary that says “Or it’s stuck in Customs”.

In a discussion with RoboHeli he found that all his 3 Harbor Freight stores where he lives have run out of the supply of

StoreHouse Aluminum Case 16”x12”x6”, Model #39196.

I don’t know about you, but this is serious stuff. A month ago my local HF had at least 20 cases on their shelves. So I took a ride today, and all the cases were gone, except for one on a low shelf and another 8’ off the floor. I went looking for a ladder or a stockperson to no avail. I went back to my case. A guy walked up to the case and I had to make claim on it.

While I looked for a nearby tool to move the 2nd case towards the shelf front as it bridged two shelves, a second guy came up and I needed to stake my claim for the second time. Afterward I hid it while trying to get the second case down.

I went up to the cashier feeling triumphant, self assured and asked her if they were going to get more in. A few buttons letter she noted that there are 5,000 cases in the South Carolina Harbor Freight central warehouse that supplies the east coast.

I need one case for my 2013 Walkera Expansion as long as I modify al my micros and quad(s) and feel comfortable enough to move up the heli chain. The second is a spare.

There are other cases by different manufactures like

Hobbico hcap2015
Zeikos ZE-HC36 Medium Hard Case

It is unknown when HF will release the current supply but I’m sure for many it will not be soon enough.
Posted by Pancari | Sep 15, 2012 @ 11:27 PM | 2,769 Views
I was down the Jersey shore with it's usual 5-10mph winds. And as my V929 has yet to see sunlight, I opted not to fly it... again.

The wife dragged me shopping where I found stacks of Yuban coffee. The last time I saw this much Yuban I also saw V911's and V929's flying w/o canopies.

Perhaps I was in the wrong location or hallucinating from too much Melitta Coffee who is one of my clients.
Posted by Pancari | Sep 12, 2012 @ 11:27 PM | 3,274 Views
I have been asked if creating a carrying case from Harbor Freight's tool case is easy, and like anything else, it takes time to optimize techniques for complicated arrangements. That's another way of saying I'm real compulsive about the finished product.

Photos have already been taken indicating my tricks that are necessary for the V929 and Turnigy 9X arrangement and will combine them into a video very soon.

For me, it's worth the $28 to carry your heli's in safety and style. The pre-cut sponge is easy to work with but sponge will collapse into itself and become difficult to place your heli back inside small cavities.

Ya know what's scary, I just went to the Harbor Freight web site and they are not listed. Okay... fess up... who's been buying them in bulk??? Suddenly, I feel kind of sick... jumpy... twitchy...itchy, I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

I better take a ride to my local Harbor Freight and pick up 2 more cases for future use... just in case they are being discontinued.
Posted by Pancari | Sep 11, 2012 @ 10:51 PM | 3,003 Views
I’m one of these guys that need structure, the same thing every day, except chicken for lunch, I am so sick of chicken every day for lunch. This is the big pitfall of working from home and not wanting to eat junk food or take the time to make something healthy, I’m an “Eat to Live” guy, and eat as quickly as possible that reheated chicken with extra virgin olive oil, oregano and black olives which clearly indicates I am Italian and a lousy cook.

In the past four months, I was virtually vacant from these boards except for a few V929 canopies as well as many other part of my life because of a many projects at the same time that demanded my attention. That’s the funny part of being self-employed, you may be your own boss but in reality you have many bosses and all they say is “I need it done yesterday” and they couldn’t care less about broken heli’s, ordered spare parts collecting dust or me working on weekends as they were relaxing, their project comes first.

So while everyone was flying their new V929’s at blinding speeds, I flew 3 batteries and maybe 50’ and that included vertical takeoffs and crashing in the Evil Wall in my small office. And now many have ported their energies into flying their V939 and enjoying it. Congrats. I had no time for life diversions the past 4 months and now I have earned some leeway and can breath a bit easier till projects come back with revisions and one big client come back from his vacation.

I need to look at my 9 month FP list and...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Sep 06, 2012 @ 10:04 AM | 2,993 Views
My father was very controlling and he used to say "There are 2 ways to do things, my way and the wrong way". And as I got older I realized that he was usually wrong. I realized that decisions were not 48% right, 48% wrong and 2% in a grey zone. In fact decisions were 1% right, 1% wrong with the grey zone taking up 98%.

There is no right or wrong to canopies, it falls into the big grey zone of life where your opinion matters to you. And like all beliefs, they will changes, one day an idea is great and the next you tear it down. There are no rules here, well, perhaps one.

I make my canopies for me because I want too and do it for me. I'm not concerned about aerodynamics but if there is a problem, I'll chop a wing off or fly the crazy stuff in my office.

The stock ladybug canopies are for girls, the first thig I did when I open the V929 box is gag and began to make an acceptable canopy.

But ultimately, the simple decision is to paint the V929 canopy black or flat black because we are men filled with testosterone.

Lights are optional pending your skill set and certainly add to the cool factor even thought they may add drag and extra weight. And if you're worried about weight, kindly continue to read.

We're not racing these things, there is no radar gun pointing at them, no one is putting up times, there is no telemetry indicating g force in turns or during acceleration, there are no timing gates, there are no trophies handed out at the end.

I'...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Sep 03, 2012 @ 10:49 PM | 3,380 Views
I was thinking today that perhaps it might be interesting to make a new canopy for one of my 9958's, not that any of them are running, see the 9958 forum, this date, and I remembered the 2000 movie "The Sixth Day" starring Ahhhnooolldd Schwarzenegger.

The 6th Day - Trailer (2000) (1 min 41 sec)

The heli in the movie, called a Whisper Craft was really interesting and looks like it was based on a theoretical Boeing model call a DiscRotor.

DARPA/Boeing DiscRotor (1 min 21 sec)
...Continue Reading