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Posted by Pancari | Aug 31, 2012 @ 10:38 PM | 3,345 Views
Don't you hate when work gets in the way of life? I mean, don't clients appreciate that sometimes I don't want to get their work done yesterday. There are days a guy just wants to mess around with a heli or 9 and relax.

It's been tremendous weather here in PA and I swear, the only time I've gone outside was to take the trash out. Wait, I had a meeting on Monday afternoon and I've been hiding in this office ever since then.

So when I finished 2 projects this afternoon, the first thing to was to eat some junk carbohydrates, come back to my office, print out a new canopy I completed last week, put it together, shoot a few photos, a short vid and put it up on YT.

Attached is the canopy for you guys that don't want to spend a few bucks on the manufactured canopies or print out a Darsh paper canopy and CA a few hundred tabs.

I've tried to fly the V929 around my office and have been unsuccessful so far, it seems crashing at every wall somehow takes the fun out of it. I swear I'll never do it again, really.....

Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow.

Enjoy the short video.

V929 with Red Shuttle Canopy (0 min 19 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Aug 26, 2012 @ 11:45 PM | 3,409 Views
On a heli forum on of the guys stated that he needed a place to hide his heli's as the wife was getting on his case. This is a problem larger than and CP can give you. This was my response.


Ok, this many not be the forum for this material, but I'll tell you right now, this is A LOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN GETTING A GRAM OF WEIGHT OUT OF YOUR HELI TO INCREASE FLY TIME.

Saunter up to the bar, get a drink and listen to Uncle Al because I understand female psychology and no one is giving me options in my home.


Lets understand one of the fundamental male - female differences. When the fetus gets exposed to lots of fetal testosterone in the womb a boy will be born and we'll process spacial concepts easily but the communication center in the brain is not well developed.

If there is less fetal testosterone present a girl is born who can't tell a left turn from a duck but she will talk and process words 4-7 times more than a male because their communication center is much larger than a male's.

This is why a guy burns out during a discussion with the wife. and she says "You're not listening to me". And she's right, we're overloaded and can't process the shear volume of words and at best 1 in 4 words sink in, so we says "okay, yeah, no problem" and walk away to a safe zone, perhaps where we keep our heli's, Then the wife gets pissed as the heli's become her enemy as she says to a confidant "he...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Aug 24, 2012 @ 05:18 PM | 5,507 Views
I've been doing client work the past two lachmundand a half months and had no time for heli's while many moved into the WL V929 and have been very sucessful in flying, modding and videoing their achievements.

The best MQX canopies are make in Germany by Frank Lachmund but are difficult to get. The canopies on EBay somehow lack any kind of sembelence to any shuttle, spacecraft, Biavian mothership, Viper or flying saucer I have seen in the past decades or landed near my neighborhood in an open field. Do big spiders really hang on the top of any flying machine or are painted bright metallic red? Do they ID their landing crafts with MQX? Beside, I have too many things on order already and after a while you get tired of waiting and watching your PayPal bill never go down. All I wanted to do was replace that horrendous beetle canopy that is best suited for an 8 year old girl which is in the process of being painted.

I decided to download and cut out one of Darsh's MQX canopy's, and after cutting all the tabs I felt that I was messing with paper dolls and had to find a better path. The last time I was cutting things out of paper was the mid 70's when working for a material handing company where I designed large, complicated coal spreader chutes and had to make a scale model for the layout man in the shop.

And while I have no artistic ability it was not difficult to lay out a simple canopy using AutoCAD, throw some color into it, print it onto HP Premium Photo Paper, cut...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Aug 21, 2012 @ 04:55 PM | 3,352 Views
I finally completed 2 major engineering projects that are in the hands of my clients till they change everything and drop it back in my lap. So after 10 weeks I finally have time for some heli stuff.

I've been working on paper canopies for my V929 because IMHO no man should be flying a ladybug canopy that any 8 year old girl would consider cute.

The wife is off today, she comes into the office and I'm staring at a paper model and she says "What are you doing". I point to my computer screen running AutoCAD with the model showing in multiple views, developed paper and dimensioned and I point and say "Making that" and she walks away.

I don't think I scored any points

I have one canopy complete with a few variations and I just spend a few hours on this very, very crude prototype canopy that will make it to a final product for me.

It flies indoors, all the blades clear, sure it's a mess right now and yes, I don't know how it will handle outdoor flight.

Right now it's not bad for a few hours work and it's still cooler than a ladybug canopy.
Posted by Pancari | Aug 14, 2012 @ 11:04 PM | 3,653 Views
I turned in a very large project on Monday and on Tuesday night I printed a set of design drawings that will go to the client on Wednesday morning for review, and ten I finally have time for myself, what to do, what to do....

I haven't worked out inn 2 months and there is junk piled all over my weigh bench.

My back basement has junk thrown everywhere as I never got time to put it away, including the folding chairs from the Father's Day picnic.

On the more enjoyable side...

I have a 2650ma bat for my Turnigy that needs a new connector soldered to it

I have a PCB for my 9958 and my NE solo Pro that needs installation

I have my camera back and it certainly wold not hurt to get the V929 outside for a documented flight.

I have an idea and the styrofoam and black sheet sponge to create new packaging to hold 4 heli's in one box. This will reduce the number of boxes, one for my 9958's, V911's and NE heli's. I can use an empty box for my V929 as it came in a Styrofoam casket. All stock TX's not used will be stored in one box and hidden from sight. This is a future longer term project for my blog.

I've found that an unplanned event will always occur disallowing me from doing any of there things.

Time will tell
Posted by Pancari | Aug 13, 2012 @ 10:36 PM | 2,753 Views
Despite that it's still summer here in Pennsylvania, the weather broke today. no humidity, light wind and perfect for flying. So I thought that this was a perfect day to take the V929 into the front yard where there is less obstruction and basically fly from my front yard to my neighbors. there are power lines, trees and a rather busy street to contend with. Clearly there is no good to flying in the street, run into someones windshield and have to pay a lawyer for my stupidity when he runs into something that is larger than his car..

Still, my wife is on vacation, home now, but took my camera with her to see some friends, and our cat Cleopatra isn't doing well and needs a lot of attention and I have yet to clear my work backlog so I opted for another no-fly day/week/month, went back inside and began working.

I figure I have another 2 days before everything is turned into the clients and they get to sit on my work for a while so I can get me some ME time in and pull out the V929.

I think I can hold out for a few more days, not like I have a choice.
Posted by Pancari | Aug 07, 2012 @ 03:36 PM | 3,527 Views
Battery 1 Impressions

It took a month to get my V929, two weeks later than my usual V911. I was hoping for a real box but received a styrofoam casket instead. On back order are 3 batteries and another canopy.

I have to say that the V929 is amazing to fly. It's very nimble, incredibly fast and at least 8 times more dangerous as a micro heli with more blades and a significantly increased cutting area.

I like that the nose dives when I put power into it, very sweet.

Hand takeoff and landing is a bit tricky and I already have a nasty bruise on my right hand. This baby starts from the ground. I accidently hit the throttle when holding it as well, cost of the hobby I guess.

BD Murdock had a great idea of putting plastic wire ties as flexible landing slids, I'd say that's a must when flying outdoors while trying to get over the peak of your home.

As I am flying in my office despite an excellent day to be outside and crash it, at 20% power it has enough guts to do some damage and take a bit off the top saving me 25 bucks on half of my head for next haircut.

The sound is amazing, a calm sound like a few hundred bees coming at you, it reminds me being at Pocono and hearing the cars come around for the first lap, just not as adrenaline pounding.

But this Mr. Dean is a real pain in my #ss. I am developing what I think is arthritis in the left thumb and it's kind of useless for pinching and pulling so his plug is giving me a lots of problems. Fortunately Mr....Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Aug 07, 2012 @ 02:08 PM | 2,961 Views
Anyone hear that noise on their roofs this morning and find reindeer dung on their front lawns? I did as I finally got my V929.

Those guys at Banggood are going cheap as it came in a styromfoam casket, no box, which means its time to take a ride to my local Harbor Freight and get a new case.

The quad was assembled thanks God as I really wouldn't want to mess with it and ruin those CF arms. The seize seems perfect but I bet the V939 would be even cooler.

The bats were charged, well, the one I threw in was, popped some AA's into the TX and flew it till I hit the ceiling and both sides of my office walls.

It's bad enough flying a heli with one set of rotors in my office and I always forget which way to move the alerions to get away from the wall, now I have 4 rotors to content with.

That green bug body has GOT TO GO as last time I changed my pants I'm not a 7 year old girl, this sucker is getting painted black /w a silver stripe, see my blog for that sketch.

Okay.. so how about an fast official video, where's my camera....... THE WIFE HAS IT AND SHE'S DOWN THE SHORE.... I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, EVERY TIME SHE TAKES MY CAMERA I GOTTA MAKE A VIDEO.

What do I have to do, tape my new Samsung Galaxy 3 to my hat?

This grounds for divorce.. mental cruelty.

Do I have to split my heli collection in the divorce?

I gotta think about this.

Anyway.... I got it together, enjoy the short video

V929 Maiden Flight Aug 7 2012 2 (0 min 39 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Aug 07, 2012 @ 08:38 AM | 6,487 Views
I like yellow and only a few automobiles can pull off the color and they are a Ferrari and the more far affordable Corvette, but I'm not sure if yellow is offered in 2012.

And when it comes to heli’s yellow is very prominent color and Ribble said it best, “I can see it”. This seems over-simplistic but the man has a strong point, my black V911 is useless against trees in the background

There’s been a lot of chatter about the new yellow V911 so I decided to do an informal analysis of the comments in the group. And let me start with the brilliant analysis by KKDDMM who really took a look at this micro and concluded it is not a WL product but a cloned Juichon 9C002.

While there has been a few positive comments of late like “fly straight, easy to fly, I like the color”, at the end of July and early August there was a flurry of negative comments about this BNF heli.

Looking at the big picture lt me say that to spend less than 25 bucks is a deal for ANYTHING when you consider the stock market hasn’t done anything in 11 years, getting joy from less than a c-note that will not make you fat, raise cholesterol, increase your blood pressure, get you thrown in jail or get your mate pissed off at you is definitely a beautiful thing.

But the list of problems seem to be overwhelming by our members like, servo problems fixed by proper binding, binding problems, seems slower, incompatibility with other V911 blades w/o some work, problems with the heli from AliExress and Ebay.
...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Aug 04, 2012 @ 11:03 PM | 3,230 Views
I’ve been busy with work and can’t get to my heli’s and my to-do list is getting longer. here it is.

Currrently my heli case holds 2 9958, 2 V911, my small camera, my hat cam and my 9x and a handful of batteries. I can grab this at a moments notice, throw it in the car or take it outside. As the V911’s are longer the are located away from the 9X, see photo, no work to be done.

GW 9958
I have too many 9958 boxes and hope to put all heli’s in one box. To do this I have some ¾” Styrofoam and will cut a slot for the landing skid and put a ½” black sponge on top of it. All stock tx’s will go in one box and get squirreled away. Put 998 reboxing on the list.

I have had an MSR flybar and accompanying parts for a month to be installed on my red 9958. My yellow will remain stock and my original purple needs a new PCB tht is on order.

My 9958 bats are pretty dead and all I can get is a hover so new bats are on order. I have some Turnigy bats but my new programmable charger is still in the box after 2 months. Put charging Turing 160’s on the list.

I am disappointing by the static product line of GW, once coax and one 2.4ghz FP in multiple colors is rather limiting to the growth of thier business model. If they follow Nine Eagles and grow the line to larger class heli's and move into a quad under the same protocol, I think everyone would be lining up for the next best thing.

WL V911
WL made an excellent decision in...Continue Reading