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Posted by Pancari | Jul 29, 2012 @ 06:40 PM | 2,859 Views
Ya know, this getting old thing really isnít working out for me. Itís not like I don't get a break every now and then but now, Iím up to my #ss in alligators running 2 consecutive projects so when Iím at a partial completion point the other one kicks in.

The wife is down the shore, nobody knows what that isÖ VACATION!!! with her niece and kids. And me, Iím sitting here venting because it's Sunday adn I worked all day, both days this weekend.. But she was on the beach and a storm came in quick and they all got drenched. Hey, Iím dry, exhausted, but dry.

I have 9 (?) heliís, and a quad on the way, which is another deal.

Seems Banggood was taking itís good old banginí time on my recent 2 orders. Even parts ordered from MyRcMart is probably floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch b/c my best friends the UPS and US mailman havenít been stopping by.

What am I the Neighborhood Pariah?

I havenít flown outside in a few weeks, I have this LLOONNGGG list of things to do on the heliís and all I could do was take a few hours last week, fly a few V911ís in the office and throw up a fast video.

And I live at the end of wind tunnel, this street runs perpendicular to my lot and when the wind kicks, the cover on my Corvette never stays on. And the Vette has been covered since October 2011 and I can't get it either.

Sure it would be great to flatten the wifeís garden and throw up a garage, as long as itís big enough to house the Vette, a cot and a place for my office cause the wife is never gonna let me in the house again, ever.

Ya know, when you get married, there is this unwritten agreement that is not signed but understood, that says neither party is going to do anything so stupid, so celf-centered, so arrogant, so narcissistic that itís a relationship deal breaker. I can give you a list, but, ehhÖ you get the point.

Where was IÖ.. I donít know, Iím exhausted, Iím hungry, itís dinner time and thereís no TV dinners in the freezer.

Iím doomed.
Posted by Pancari | Jul 23, 2012 @ 04:41 PM | 3,267 Views
It took a while to get my new V911 from Banggood so I would guess they are under pressure to ship our V929's.

This makes 3 V911's, one in each color.

The Black Stealth will be under modification when I get the time, continued re-paint, an E-Flite bat mod and an MSR flybar.

I am actually thinking of making the battery connection to either the WL or E-Flight.

We all need more than one color heli, you never know when two heli's down and you have NOTHING ELSE LEFT TO FLY.


V911 Once Around the Office July 23 2012 (1 min 7 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Jul 18, 2012 @ 04:28 PM | 3,277 Views
My father was tough, and one of the things he always said was "Where you gonna put it?". This was a man who has so much junk that it overflowed to friend's garages and basements. And one of the things I dread was when he sent me into the basement to get something as it always seemed he said "It's in the back on the left hand side up top". You could never see the sub-floor as he had so much junk stuffed in between the joists it was insane.

And let's face it, sometimes he was wrong which pissed him off when I couldn't find it. And when I couldn't he'd be pissed, go down, find it and say" What, do you want it right in front of your nose?" A sweet guy.

Fortunately most parents today know better than to treat their children like slaves and verbally abuse and insult them to their face. I turned out okay, except for the twitching, stuttering and night terrors, I'm kidding, I don't studder anymore.

So I had a few thousand childhood lessons embedded in me and one no more important than "Where you gonna put it". That's why it took me a few months to find a correct case for my micros heli's for travel and finally came up with a solution.

As you may know, Erdnuckel2 finally received his V929, extensive write-up, photos and videos are on his blog. And when I talked to him he said he was in the process of getting a few boxes to put both his helis and TX. And it was then I heard my father say to me "Where you gonna put it?".

...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Jul 15, 2012 @ 08:39 AM | 3,036 Views
While I am only in this hobby for 6 months I believe I can share my experiences with novices the hobby basics, so get a cup of coffee and get ready to take notes.

This hobby is about self-study, research, flying, spare parts management, blogging and sharing your knowledge on the board.

Finding a local mentor is the fastest way to evolve your skill set.

Making a Hat Cam allows you document your skills and share your hobby experience.

The Great Wall 9958 and WL V911 are considered micro heliís, are the 2 most common and least expensive of the group.

I currently own...

GW 9958 Ė 3 Ė runs like a scalded dog
WL V911 Ė 2 with a blue one on order Ė an easy flyer
Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260 Ė 1 very fast and well controlled
Nine Eagles Bravo SX Ė 1, a good looking fast, scaled heli
On Order - V929 quad.

YouTube is an excellent learning tool.

One heli is never you need something to fly when the other heli goes down for repairs.

Read the entire 9958 and V911 boards, itís a daunting task, and when you find usable information, cut and paste that into a Word doc called ď9958Ē or "V911" because you may never find it again.

Cost control is critical. There are very few US distributors. The heli usually costs $40 but the S&H is staggering. Shipping costs can be nullified by going to or for repair parts and new heliís. For Chinese distributors you can go to, my fav, they have a flat fee of $7 so...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Jul 13, 2012 @ 10:49 PM | 2,941 Views
I'm going down the shore, that means nothing to anyone.. a vacation home near the Atlantic Ocean, and that means I'm taking my heli's. Last time I went down I had a 10mph wind off the Atlantic to deal with and my Solo Pro got banged around pretty bad hitting every car on the block, wound up inside the brake area of an SUV and roofed.

I realized that I have no real reason to take every heli I have, that 4 are enough, two are really enough. With my case changed, I have room if I need to take the manufacture's chargers to run off my laptop..

I removed one spot for a heli, put some sponge back and made room for my camera and make less room for batteries so the won't fly around the case, this spot will hold eight which is plenty.

I have a lake about 3 blocks from my home so there are no obstructions but if an Atlantic wind comes and blows the heli into the lake and I can't get it back... then that would really s*ck.

I could fly V911 but would it be able to cut through the wind? And if I lose it it's $22 bucks and a good video. If I fly the 9958 is should cut the wind but if I lose it, it's $50 bucks (S&H) . Even my Solo Pro could barely keep up with a 10mph wind and that's an expensive micro heli.

I have taken a screen capture of the lake via Google, doesn't look to friendly a location for flying, does it.

I'll probably just fly in the house anyway.

My cam hat will go on top of the 9X.

See case photo.
Posted by Pancari | Jul 13, 2012 @ 04:37 PM | 2,917 Views
In life, all we can do is make the best decisions we can with the information we have and try to anticipate if this decision will work for us in the long run. There are no guarentes in life, no one stays the same, life changing everything and all we can hope for is a sucessful outcome a few decades later.

As a South Philly Italian, I was brought up with fig trees having value, both sets of grandparents had fig trees and it was my responsibility to get the figs down.

Two years ago the wife and I stopped at a farm to pick up some fresh vegetables, I saw a sapling fig tree, the wife thought it was a good idea to buy it and we planted it in our back yard.

Two years later...... BIG MISTAKE.

It was bad enough when it was only 4 feet tall and in only 4 months it has grown 8 feet high, equally round and that makes it major obstruction to my happiness as I needed to fly least 10 feet high to clear it.

I was flying my stock red V911 in my back yard, no video, and was wondering why my neck was hurting me. I realized I was flying a minimum of 10' in the air and thought "What am I doing flying so high?". It was that tree, my tree turning against me, my decision to but the tree was wrong, how cold I have ever anticipated this problem?.

I decided there was going to be only one thing 6 feet high and that was the top of my bald head and my helis landing skid. I got a pair of the wife's pruning shears, took off the highest branches and removed some low branches as well. It's my house, my yard and I'll be d#mned if a fig tree will get in of my airspace.

Fortunately the wife wasn't pissed when she got home from work as it's her airspace too.

Sometimes you have to know what's right.
Posted by Pancari | Jul 10, 2012 @ 11:08 PM | 3,169 Views
I don't like getting old, I don't like knowing I will never lose my gut, need to drink Miralax monthly and wondering why there is hair growing out of ears. And in 2 months, I turn 60. Don't get excited, there won't be a party.

The late Sam Kinison once said that "when salt and sugar kick your ass, it's time to crawl in the box".

I don't like the fact that my fingers begin to lock up when I hold something small, that I need a lot of light and a magnifying glass to see what I'm going. And I'm having a hard time finding the hole.

Take a 9958 rotor head or an MSR for that matter, where there are 2 set screws to mount the rotor head to the shaft. I can't tell you how much time I wasted getting one screw correctly and the second would not go in. I just could not find the hole.

So I decided not to use the set screw, but looking down into the shaft, I put a toothpick thru the head and the shaft setting the head location and installed both screws.

Sometimes you need waste a lot of time before you can find the hole.
Posted by Pancari | Jul 09, 2012 @ 08:48 AM | 3,028 Views
I haven't flown and created any videos in a while as I'm spending too much time ordering parts, new heli's and working on future articles for this blog.

I took a look at Brosol's blog and I am embarrassed to fly stock heli's after I see what he has created. Brosol has a NE 260 so heavily modded that without the canopy, there is no way to tell it's an NE. The man is clearly a genius and bet the parts laying on his floor can build at least 2 heli's.

But I've only been doing this for a few months, a mere novice and need to begin tearing down heli's and replacing parts. My plan is to have a modified 9958 and V911.

Below is my first NE 260 video, a day shooting this video, I flew the heli in a new park with too many trees and into a small tree branch up 30', it fell to the ground like an empty beer can and now binding is very difficult. I finally got off my #ss and purchased a new board that should be here in less than 2 weeks.

Enjoy the video

Nine Eagle Solo Pro 260 Heli (1 min 20 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Jul 06, 2012 @ 09:31 AM | 2,945 Views
Herd mentality is when one person does something and everyone else follows. It is the fundamental psychological law to momentum investing where a stock is so hot, everyone piles on as long as you're not the last to sell your position at a loss.

I am bothered with the continued presence of rc heli's in commercials today as it is herd mentality at work.. It tells me that heli's are at saturation and I got in late, or the end of the world is coming. Perhaps Nostradamus and the Inca's were right.

I was watching TV, a rare instance as I'm usually here in my office working or have every heli box opened doing God knows what when a lame JC Penny came on and there was some kid with a high end TX flying a computer generated heli into the back of his father. I don't know, maybe the guy deserved it. But if I was the father, that would be the last time that kid would see daylight.

JCP Commercial June 2012 (0 min 31 sec)

Congrats for not lasting thru the entire commercial, it makes me want to gouge out my eyes with a broken rotor blade. Hey! I found a use for one!!!!

And this wasn't bad enough, a few days later I saw the same heli piece used for another company.

I'm telling you it's an omen, when this kind of garbage makes it to television as an enticement to shop, clearly, the end of the world is coming.

The Inca calender indicated Dec 21, right?

D#mn, time to buy that V929.
And a Walkera Super FP
Posted by Pancari | Jul 05, 2012 @ 09:01 AM | 3,120 Views
I went to my uncle's for the 4th of July and took 2 V911 and 2 9958ís with me. The yard is large, with 100í trees and donít know where the 5mph wind came from.

Immediately both V911ís flew backwards into the 2nd floor deck. I was stumped as they were tested before packing in the case. Looking down, the TX was set for 9958, resetting the model got me going forward again.

After a few circuits, a 9 year old came over, I changed to a guest configuration, with less power and handed her the TX. BIG MISTAKE. Now Iím teaching a kid while the wind is blowing the heli into trees, the 2nd floor deck and onto the roof which I salvaged with a drop onto the deck.

I realized I was an idiot chasing down my heliís for a kid 50 years younger than me, let her field the heli herself and she quickly she gave up. I stopped afterwards as the temperature rose.

This morning I got more flight time in my back and front yard. Sometimes, it just doesnít pay to fly at someoneís home, this is why God made open fields.
Posted by Pancari | Jul 03, 2012 @ 06:08 PM | 3,279 Views
Richard Dreyfuss "Let it Ride", 1989

I enjoyed this movie, it comes on cable perhaps one a year. It's about a guy who loses constantly at the track and one day things turn around for him. The line is spoken as Dreyfuss is tied up, gagged and detained by police.

For anyone who ever spent time at the track as I have, excellent character development makes the movie.


I was preparing for the family 4th of July picnic at my uncles. He has a large back yard with few obstructions so I was testing things. I came to the realization that you only need one configuration for a V911 and/or 9958. If you change settings for a Novice/Guest/Indoor flying then you need a second configuration.

Sure, you knew that but it wasn't in the book that I read.... hahaha.

I turned around and took a look at the mess I created and thought, "That's a good photo".

Looks like the clients will have to wait an extra day for their work.