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Posted by Pancari | Jun 30, 2012 @ 11:29 PM | 5,971 Views
I did not like the dull, factory green display of the 9x and felt it was worth an attempt to install a 5 dollar blue backlight. It has been said that using a blue backlight optimizes a yellow 9958 increasing forward velocity by 17%, a red 9958 by 12% and a purple 9958 by 5%.

Before opening the case, I looked at every YT video and put links of acceptable videos on my desktop. Not all videos have value and some videos were horrible. Not even the HK video showed every point of installation, sometimes it's about finding a great idea to implement.

The video most useful to me was….

DIY MOD: Adding LCD Backlight to Turnigy TGY-9x Transmitter (9 min 17 sec)

Note the GI Joe at 6:28 and it's strange disappearance.

This is not a complete installation guide but my key points. I suggest viewing all videos depending on your current skill set. Take note of all high points, write them down and by the end of the videos, you'll establish your protocol.

I was concerned for creating a video during installation and as my installation was successful, I feel I can comment. Photos were taken for key points.

Keep the 9X in it’s Styrofoam container so it won’t move and you won’t get damaged.

The body screws are a bit challenging so use a new magnetic screwdriver.

Mark the depth of the board with a magic marker so you'l know just how far it needs to be seated correctly.

There are 9 screws on the board and the 4 corners screws have a larger diameter.

Take photos...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Jun 30, 2012 @ 03:49 PM | 3,082 Views
Left to Right and in approximate order of purchase

Syma S032 Clone – a Christmas present from the wife. I ran it into the walls a few hundred times. It stopped flying so I bought new lipo batteries, new blades and I have a tail assembly to install.

Syma S107 Red – I purchased this heli b/c I couldn’t control the S032. With the S107 I flew going from room to room, up steps and precision landings. I screwed up the tail motor trying to mod it and put a small bolt in the canopy, for forward motion, put a limiter on the throttle and saved it for my niece to fly.

GW 9958 Yellow- This is really my second heli, a purple one and I flipped the canopy. I try to fly this outside and don’t want to ruin it in my office. This heli will remain stock.

GW 9958 Purple – This is my first heli, yellow that I could never trim correctly as I set the heli up Tail In while Daryoon’s instructions said Tail Out. I thought the PCB was bad, downgraded it to parts. A few months later I trimmed it correctly. This heli is for Easter only and will fly it inside a Catholic church and it will go through the Stations of the Cross. I may give it a Stealth V 2.0 rebirth.

GW 9958 Red – Because one yellow 9958 is not enough and I thought the purple one was dead. I needed 2 9958’s, everyone has 2, right? It has a Nine Eagle Solo Pro tail and the plan is to do an MSR flybar mod.

Nine Eagle Solo Pro V4 Soar – I wanted something more expensive. I videoed my best flight at Swarthmore College against...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Jun 29, 2012 @ 05:14 PM | 2,933 Views
Sometimes there is so much stuff down here I can barely walk around.

Then there are times I work.

Attached is a photo of Heli Zone 2 including.... "THE BLADE GRAVEYARD"

Here's a quiz..

1. What's in the black bottle?
2. How many batteries are charged?
3. What are the chargers from L to R?
4. What's in the white bottle laying down?
5. What's in the blue bottle laying down?
6. What's the size of the LiPo battery?
7. How many blades are in "The BLADE GRAVEYARD"
8. What's in the clear envelope on the top shelf?
9. What's in the orange pill container?
10. What kind of plug is hanging?

Send me the answers, 8 out of 10 is passing.

If you got 10 you cheated
If you got less that 5 you should have cheated and it's time to go back to an S107.
Posted by Pancari | Jun 28, 2012 @ 11:27 AM | 2,990 Views
After seeing a quad advertisement that had a camera attached, I though it was pretty interesting to do as flying my heli over my home was an original goals. Good luck with a micro and a toy TX.

I really need something to fly because my 8 heli's are just sitting in their boxes and I haven't flown anything since last week.

Stormforce was brave enough to display his obsession/fleet with 2 quads.

And E2 writes me and says "WL has the 929 for 45 bucks running under the 9X".

Unfortunately there is no direct conformation of its ability to run under a Turnigy 9x but some say that it will run under a V911 TX. It seems that Erdnuckel2 will be the first to test the V929-Turnigy 9X in a few weeks.

The green beetle paint job is good for a 5 year old girl who still eats with her hands, so I had to justify a new paint scheme before thinking of buying. It's a UFO based paint job and reminds me of a science fiction character's head but the name alludes me or now.

Attached is my first pass sketch of my repaint schemes for your edification and comments.

Posted by Pancari | Jun 24, 2012 @ 02:32 PM | 3,143 Views
I've been working on getting a case to carry my Nine Eagles, 9958's and V911 and created multiple layouts in AutoCAD.

Some cases were too small, too large and I needed a Goldilock's case, one that was just right. The evolution of case design goes from from left to right, see attached .pdf file.

The final selection was a Hobbico HCAP2115 that can be found on the internet from multiple vendors.

The decision then was the vendor for the lowest price. And as soon as I was ready to pull the trigger, metaphorically speaking, I came across a post from Daryoon about his case purchased from Harbor Freight and to my surprise the store was local to me. At $28 bucks this case was the winner.

The case sat in my office for about 2 weeks till I realized I was going down to my vacation home on the Jersey shore (what?), needed something to carry the heli's and had to pull the deal together.

Attached are the final photos. Note that the 9958 are in front with shorter slots, longer rear slots share the V911 and the Nine Eagle 260 and SX.

Currently, I have no red and purple 9958's blades, they will be ordered at the end of the month as my parts list has grown in a days.

While this layout does have commonality to Daryoon's case, I did not add a light to the case, but have (2) 11.1V, 2600mah bats wired to the case latches with a spst micro switch for unauthorized entry.

Just kidding.

I have a blue Turnigy 9X backlight kit sitting here for a month, perhaps I'll get to it today.
Posted by Pancari | Jun 21, 2012 @ 05:28 PM | 3,007 Views
It never fails... as soon as you have an idea, you don't have the parts.... a new V911 variant coming soon.
Posted by Pancari | Jun 20, 2012 @ 10:31 PM | 2,951 Views
Perhaps 2 weeks ago after ordering a red/white V911 I realized I was done ordering parts, that I have plenty of heli's to fly and 9x to get used to. That thought lasted about 3 days and I realized I needed something.

But it always seems that I log into, order something and day later I missed something.

I decided to resist my instant gratification and write the parts on my white board and wait a while, and the list grew. I needed red and purple rotor blades, didn't I order them a month ago? Who is eating them in this house, the cat? Am I breaking them daily and are in the pile of "Please fix me blades"?

My "to do" list isn't on the white board list but it does generate the need for parts and I haven't even started mods starting with an MSR flybar on my 9958 and Stealth V911.

So I'm going to wait till July 1 and order the list, make it a monthly event.

Yeah, we'll see how long that idea holds water.
Posted by Pancari | Jun 20, 2012 @ 08:17 AM | 3,068 Views
Tuesday the office was a real mess as I attempted to do 3 projects at once. Some people would call that multi-tasking, I call it jumping from project to project as I waited for solutions and call that good time management.

Almost every heli was out as I attempted to do the layout on a new carrying case purchased from Harbor Freight for 23 bucks, a local store to me. The case price as half the price and the same as a Hobbico HCAP2115, if I got it right.

I had to get my heli's ready to go down the shore and I was behind the curve. I got through 2 big stumbling blocks and began to clean up my mess.

So take a look at the attached video as a warning what an office is NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE.

Prepping for Going Down the Shore.AVI (0 min 27 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Jun 19, 2012 @ 03:32 PM | 6,044 Views
it took awhile to find the correct solution, which is easy when you as the right member.

Binding V911 to Turnigy 9x.wmv (1 min 15 sec)

Thanks Daryoon
Posted by Pancari | Jun 15, 2012 @ 09:21 AM | 3,178 Views
What's in the Box.wmv (0 min 28 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Jun 12, 2012 @ 09:51 AM | 2,846 Views
I’m a born and bred South Philly Italian, which means jack squat to Tamron, but I swear this has critical impact to heli’s.

As a kid, it was mandatory to have a fig tree in your yard, and I was in charge of getting the figs down for my grandparents and others. Lemme tell ya, fresh figs are amazing.

Two years ago the wife and I stopped at a food stand in New Jersey, another useless tidbit to the SpiritofStLouis and bought a fig tree and planted it in our very small yard. Now it is a major obstruction to my flying videos with crashes edited out.

Now, 2 years later, the tiny, annoying fig tree is a massive 6’ high with a 6’ diameter canopy and it’s in the way as I fly from my yard to my neighbors, it’s a pain in the #ss.

I want to cut it down, man, I hate figs.

Didn't Heli Pad mention Home Depot a few days ago?
Posted by Pancari | Jun 11, 2012 @ 11:11 PM | 3,207 Views
Unfortunately, the video has an error in it, see revision.

Some say that the V911 bats give 3-4 min flight times.

Many would like to transition to Turnigy 150ma bats used in the 9958.

>>Revision Start

To do this the V911 landing skid is replaced with a Nine Eagles landing skid.
The battery holder may be a bit large so some shimming or making a hard connection may be required.

The power wires need to be cut approximately 3/4" from the PCB and a wire going to a male JST connector is soldered on. Liquid Tape is required to insulate the connection.

There is also another way to do this, not shown, is to add a JST female connector to the PCB power wire, add JST male connectors to the V911 and NE landing skid allowing you to switch between battery types.

>> Revision End

The V911 also brings the advantage of eliminating the stock TX and using a Turnigy 9X.

V911 Battery Modification.wmv (0 min 30 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Jun 07, 2012 @ 02:49 PM | 3,016 Views
Life is about successful diversions so we can navigate around impossible problems just enough that we don't crack. The big picture descriptive is called “hobbies”, and no one does it better than men.

Women don’t have a need for hobbies, they have other women so they can vent about their problems and never solve them. Most women don’t want men to solve their problems and they hate when men say things like “that’s ridiculous” as it devalues them. Women bond around the dialog of life. Men bond over activates, like “lets go the game” or “which tail assembly is the best replacement”. Men need a point of focus.

Women’s brains are different, with less fetal testosterone in utero the communication part of their brain grew larger than men’s. Women use 4-7 times more words than men and men can’t process it, they zone out and run to their caves where they have solace or right to where they keep their heli’s and fix something.

Men’s brains have been flooded by fetal testosterone in utero that reduced growth of the communication part of the brain and grew the part that gives men greater mathematical and spatial skills. And what’s more spatial than a heli and the need to estimate the slide when turning a 9958. Men weigh, measure and find lowest cost provider to create the optimal combination of parts to optimize for a greater performing heli.

See, it’s not out fault, it’s them, they drove us into spending all this money, we are problem solvers and look for new solutions, we enjoy researching, creating lists, ordering parts, stripping parts from dead heli’s. It gives us peace of mind, creates a feeling of accomplishment, giving us something to do rather than worry about our stagnant IRA returns from a stock market that has virtually not moved in the past 12 years.

Besides, as the old saying goes “The one who dies with the most toys wins”.
Posted by Pancari | Jun 05, 2012 @ 11:29 PM | 3,157 Views
I took my purple 9958 heli outside tonight. It's my first 9958 that I severely abused during the arduous 4ch learning curve.I must have ran it into the walls a hundred time just trying to unsuccessfully trim it in my office. Eventually I gave up on it, put it back in the box, figured it for spare parts and ordered another.

But you see, it's not a purple heli, it's a yellow heli but when I boxed it I did a canopy switch. And that makes it a purple heli.

In the past 4 months ago I have accumulated 2 more 9958's, a Solo Pro 260, a Bravo SX and a Stealth V911, see video below, and a red V911 on the way from Aliexpress for 22 bucks.

I look at it like this, they're cheap, I don't drink, do drugs, don't race my Corvette anymore and spend most of my life in my office, so what the hell, I need a hobby as long as the parts bin can be shared. The fact that the 9958 and V911 can run off my 9x is another plus.

So with my purple heli outside for the first time I ran it around the back yard and into my neighbors yard as I like to go around his 50' tall tree. Of course the consequences is obvious, if I screw up, the tree laughs at me and the heli take the hit. And it did with another rotor broken, the 5th one today because I fail to heed one of my primary life axioms, "DONT FLY A 9958 IN THE OFFICE".

It wasn't a big deal to change the blades and every time i do I always put a lot of graphite at every moving point. Graphite can be found at Home Depot for a few bucks....Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | Jun 03, 2012 @ 12:32 PM | 3,038 Views
These heli's were discussed a few days ago. They seems to be 9958 clones with a nicer transmitter, nicer colors but can't be drop shipped from China to the US. I am concerned about the box saying 3 channel.

So I am thinking that perhaps we can send them all to Tamron or Brosol's Canadian address, we could meet them in Niagara Falls, Canada where if memory serves me well, we can meet them at an excellent gentleman's for the transfer.

So when we cross customs we can say we are going for entertainment, been there, done that. And if it is a low wind day we could play "Heli Over the Falls" and see which one comes back". Where can you get that kind of legal entertainment for 25 bucks, the cost of airfair and a lap dance.

Who's in?
Posted by Pancari | Jun 03, 2012 @ 08:23 AM | 3,156 Views
The beauty of a V911 is that you can get delivered to your door for less than 25 bucks drop shipped from AliExpress or Banggood if you're willing to wait a month. So if you really want to screw with a heli, this is the one.

And sometimes you have to go with a feeling, a thought and I just felt that WL clearly missed the mark on the Black/Orange paint scheme of the V911.

Don't get me wrong, since I bought it I haven't flown any of the other 5 heli's I own. It's incredibly fast, responds quickly to controls, ran it into everything in my office a few too many times and have yet to take it outside in a no-wind conditions.

So very slowly with an indelible black magic marker I decided to remove the lawyer approved safety measure from the blades because that's really the first thing I look for when I decide to buy a heli.

It's funny but when I used to shoot handguns competitively in the late 80's there was no lawyer approved safety warning on the handle of my 9mm 92F Baretta, 6" S&W 357 Magnum, or my .32 auto and especially my Ruger Mini-14 assault rifle. I guess these were safe purchases.

But of course we all know how dangerous 30g toy can be indoors, my God, I knocked over an empty coffee while shooting raw footage for this video, thank God it wasn't filled with hydrochloric acid and spilled all over my table.

After I removed the lawyer's warning I removed one of the stripes on the blade, then the next, then I painted the projection at the belly, then the word "COPTER" because I thought it was a car, then a body stripe and before I knew it the entire body was black. And I flew it and liked it, except for the battery so I had to paint that as well.

In the end, I was happier than when I started because I've been wanting an all black heli for awhile.

This is the prototype, the next version will be painted with a red LED installed in the nose.

Stealth V911 Prototype June 3 2012.wmv (1 min 13 sec)

Posted by Pancari | Jun 01, 2012 @ 10:49 PM | 3,443 Views
I took the V911 out today against my better judgement with winds between 5-10mph. Clearly I was a gluten for punishment. When I see the branches and leaves at eye level moving in the breeze I dismiss the idea of outdoor flight and run a heli into my office walls a few times just because I can.

But I haven't flown outdoors in a while, had the V911 in my car to go to a local field but thought I really get my a** kicked and lose the heli.

So I did the second most stupid thing I could do and try to fly in my yard where there are obstructions within 20 feet in any direction.

I figure that I hate the black/orange paint job on the V911 so if I damage it I'm not loosing too much and can get another BNF for 20 bucks delivered from Aliexpress so why not tempt fate.

Luckily I didn't run it into anything significant except for power wires and missed everything else.

I'm thinking of getting a V911 in red/white tomorrow and will look into putting a Solo Pro or 9958 canopy on the orange one and change out the blades.

Not a performance upgrade, but those are a bit father down the list.

Anyway, here's the video of the WL V911 fighting to hold its ground

WL V911 Outdoor Flying Against Wind June 1 2012.wmv (2 min 20 sec)