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Posted by Pancari | May 25, 2012 @ 01:24 PM | 4,003 Views
I've been flying my V911 in my office because it's been raining and I need to get used to it. It's fast, has a good pirouette rate, never needed trimming, turns on a dime, the jr/sr mode seems to be useless and eventually I will load it into my Turnigy 9x and hope to create an indoor/outdoor mode, the real reason why I bought it.

The big plus for the V911 is the shared parts bin from the Solo Pro or Braxo SX. You can also get an amazing deal on for a just a heli for $ 21 including shipping but I'm not sure about color.

I'm not big on the paint job as it reminds me of a bad Halloween costume. But don't get me wrong I’ll eat a candy corn till I feel sick, I just think they missed the mark. Speaking of failed paint jobs, the GW 9958 comes in purple and that heli should be only flown around Easter. And I like jelly beans more than an adult should as well. Also, the purple version is the slowest of the GW micro heli's.


Nor am I a big fan of the V911 side guides as it’s difficult to tell them at a first glance from NE batteries. I opted to put a piece of tape around the battery and put green marker on the tape for easy differentiation. Erdnuckle2 is planning to convert over to an E-flite batteries JST bats so he share it with his 9958. I am not there yet.

Unfortunately I suck at indoor flying, I don't hover and don’t practice slow controlled flying, I like doing cycles in my12x15' office as fast as possible and that means hitting the...Continue Reading
Posted by Pancari | May 24, 2012 @ 05:43 PM | 3,523 Views
I have been concerned that a few weeks ago I offered a video as a fix to the common broken pivot pins on the 9958 by using a heavy paper clip and wondered that during a collision to a non-yielding surface that the rotor hub would fail before the metal pin and CA.

Here is that video

Repairing Xieda 9958 Rotor Blade Pivot Pins.wmv (1 min 39 sec)

A few days ago I read a suggestion by one of our members who absconded with one of his wife's small diameter knitting needles and used during a pivot pin repair.

Yesterday I went to a national craft and fabric store and was only able to find #1, 2.5mm knitting needles that looked a bit large to me. I was also asked by two woman if I worked there and consequently ran out rather quickly.


Today I decided to fly my 9958 indoors as I flew my NE 260 and SX into walls hours before. As I am out of practice I also ran this heli into walls as well. I think there are plastic magnets built into the drywall that I built 10 years ago.

The good news is that my patented and cheap paper clip fix correctly failed in the rotor blade saving the rotor hub.

The bad news is that I still suck at indoor flying

See attached photos.

I love it when a plan comes together
Posted by Pancari | May 23, 2012 @ 11:17 PM | 3,432 Views
Did you ever notice once you get a new car everyone and their mother is driving one. Like in 1990 I bought a 1990 1/2 Silver Maxima SE and within a week I pulled up to my local stop light and two old women were in used cars that looked like mine.

At that point I still had 3 years on the lease and I hated driving it every moment. But it was a damn good car and I sold it as soon as the lease was over with 30K on it to my uncle who drove it to 175K and it was going strong till he got bored with it and sold it. Actually this has almost nothing to do with helis's but in a way it does.

But ever since I started getting into heli's I see they are popping up everywhere. A few months ago Old Navy did a ridiculous commercial for their spring line starring the girl from The Big Bang Theory, no, not the blonde, the brunette and she was holding a TX for a heli floating around in the commercial. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't a CP. here it is, please don't eat while watching this as you will surely yak.

Hell, I could run circles around those things with a 9958 that is not trimmed, with TBE and tail heavy.

And a few days ago I saw a movie on TV that a guy was holding a TX and I promised myself i would make a note and didn't. But I did remember a movie that had a TX. And sure it wasn't real but they started with something and added a bunch of stuff it it..

So I ask everyone out there..... what is the origin of this transmitter

88 mph bttf Delorean (1 min 46 sec)

Posted by Pancari | May 22, 2012 @ 11:41 PM | 3,140 Views
Yeahhh.... I bought another heli today, a WL V911, it was perfectly trimmed, fast and handles well and doesn't have a grinding sound like the 9958's And now I need to make a parts list as it does share above the swashplate with Nine Eagles.

Now I can't walk in my own office without tripping over a heli, a box, my desk is covered with heli's, my top shelf is covered in batteries and chargers and put my toothbrush in a Solo Pro battery charger at night. And from the marks on my face I think I've been sleepi flying because I found my Turnigy 9X under my pillow this morning.

It's only been a few months and I've accumulated 3 9958, the purple one is shot, a Solo Pro, a Bravo Sx and a V911 and a Turnigy 9x. So now my specified heli area is getting kinda crowded and am thinking of reworking a shelf system to hold all the boxes and my small tool cases I need for repairs.

I spend alot of time on Chinese web sites like Banggood, Focal Price and AliExpress looking for a deal so I can justify another heli.

And I'm still waiting for my blue backlight from HK even thoughI ordered it a day after my 9x.

And I have to order a Thunder AC6 for the Turnigy 2650ma LiPo bat for the 9X.

Now I have to pick up a few aluminum cases I've been looking into the past 2 weeks to carry the heli;'s,one for the Nine Eagles and another for the 9958, V911 and the 9x, but need to make the inside foam cutouts.

Then I have to make a list of mods and parts list.

I need to put the 9958's and V911 configs into the 9X.

And then... .... I guess I should get some sleep, where's my 9X.
Posted by Pancari | May 18, 2012 @ 10:56 PM | 3,737 Views
I realize this is a very complicated hobby and research is critical, it takes time to streamline the process, to know the vendors, to know where to get the best deals, and as a novice I am working through that process. I must put 80% of my time into research and split the balance between repairs, flying and ordering parts.

I've been looking for some Bravo SX bats today, and it's amazing what vendors are selling. The prices are 3-5 time more expensive than my fav parts supplier.I mean who doesn't want to spend 12 bucks on a 3.7v, 150ma bat. For that price the heli better take off by itself, land, drive me home and make me dinner. Either that or make me protein drink, I'm not a picky eater.

I finally got my Turnigy 9x from HK and now I see why everyone is going to a big lipo bat because putting bats in the holder take a few days and a medium size Craftsman regular 7" screwdriver to pry the sides wide to make room for the bats. What are we doing, making a power pack with -0.5mm clearance for a nuclear sub? I would have said space shuttle but we all know the program is done for now.

Daryoon created that discharge rate chart and that Hyperion has a nice curve to it and for 6 bucks plus S+H, it better. Thunder Power bats weren't too expensive at 9 bucks plus 10 S& H, for that kind of money the flight times better quadruple.

I am pissed that HK messed up my order for a 9X backlight, there is no way to contact them except for an email despite what the web site says. Guess I need to wait it out for a response before finding another vendor that won't want my first born son for 3 batteries.

I need a drink, where's my milk and blender.