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Posted by monious | Jan 16, 2017 @ 01:51 PM | 2,634 Views
My plans for a 2m bagged wing have been on hold for a while.
I've decided to make a built up plan on the same planform, but before that, build a built up 60" built up version.

I have a Wristocrat kitted in the 80's, but I'd like to build something new for Woodcrafters 2017, June 3-4, 2017.

The plan is 60", with a larger cord (7.5" center section), REF, s3014-095-85 airfoil, 5 panel wing with a flat center section.

I scaled down my 2m plans to 60" and adjusted the poly breaks for a more even 2in. rib spacing.
I used the Sailplane Calc spreadsheet from Curtis Suter, of Tailwind Gliders, to figure sizing:

I found these RC Soaring Digest articles to be helpful and good inspirations:
Leon Kincaid's MiniScoot article
John Lupperger's HLG...some views from here and there article, as well as Flipper kit review
Chuck Anderson's LilAn construction series.
Wing construction:
Much of Chuck's info is also in this RCGroups thread:

S3014-095-85 airfoil from:
Their airfoil plotter allows you to enter a "halo" value that draws the line for skin thickness, allowing me to draw the inner...Continue Reading
Posted by monious | May 04, 2015 @ 08:57 AM | 3,131 Views
Purchased a pre-built Paragon at the Toledo Show.
It's been on my short list of Nostalgia class planes I'd like to build, and it means I finally get to fly in Unlimited class.

I found some hidden damage under the covering near the tail, so I strengthened it with a couple plywood splints and re-sheeted it top and bottom.

It did very well in it's first weekend out, especially since we had 10mph+ and gusting winds this weekend.
Posted by monious | Mar 30, 2015 @ 12:38 PM | 3,391 Views
I'm mostly a glider guy, but picked up a partly built, unpainted, 34" EPP flat foamie at a swap meet last fall. My intent was to use the unused motor, speed controller and servos to build something else, but I finally decided to build it as is.

The fuselage had already been glued up, but the control surfaces had all broken free.

I decided to use silicone hinges. They took longer to cure than contact cements, but I thought it might be a good learning step, in case I find myself doing that on a sailplane in the future.

It came with an Emax CF2812/1600kv motor and 20A Mystery ESC.
The plan is to run it off of a 2 cell 860 may and GWS EP9050 prop, which should deliver 19oz of thrust at 13A (96watts)
Flying weight with battery is 10.25 oz.
That setup gives about 6min. of flight time, but has good vertical performance.
Posted by monious | Apr 06, 2014 @ 09:21 AM | 4,168 Views
Building the Apogee DLG was a educational tool to work to the next step of building something larger. Down the road I'd like to build a bagged Supra or Genie, but the next step is to build a 2m plane.

We have good participation in both 2m ALES and TD classes in my local club, so I wanted to build something to compete there as well as possibly flying at NATS, since it's only an hour away from me. I also like the idea of building something the right size that I could pull the power system out of my Radian and use it in this new plane.

I've got some spruce spars left over from a kit that was never built, so I decided to start with a wood spar wing and later build a carbon fiber capped wing.
I've already got a plane based on a modified S3014 and like the way that flies, plus it's got a bit more thickness than some of the Drela airfoils.
I like the idea of a straight spar, so I've taken the Allegro planform, increased the cord to a 10" center section, and changed the sweep to keep a straight spar at the thickest point. I expect it to weigh more than an Allegro, so I wanted the extra wing area. Troy Lewiki designed Ducks still hold their own at NATS. I found inspiration in design and construction from the Duck as well.

I like the simplicity of R/E soaring, but I'd like flaps for landing control.

Pics in following reply posts.
Posted by monious | Jul 05, 2013 @ 11:16 AM | 5,834 Views
I've been wanting to start cutting and bagging foam wings. I went to AMA NATS last weekend and caught some of the DLG competition. Timed a round for Ryan (rdwoebke), got a look at his home built and got some encouragement to get building. I decided starting small might be good practice.

I'd already spent a long time researching the CRRC website. I decided this first one would be an Apogee-esque model with Mountain Models DL50 building technique rather than a bagged wing. (Carbon spars and fiberglass with Minwax Polycrylic)

Other helpful threads:
Apogee 400 build (bagged wing kit)
Apogee Sport (built up wing):
Apogee Elite kit build (4 ch. bagged wing):
All kitted by ECM.

Apogee 400 throwing blade:

-Chris Braman

MORE PICS IN...Continue Reading
Posted by monious | May 07, 2013 @ 06:37 PM | 7,996 Views
Finally bought a Radian about a month ago.
I'll admit this would have been a good first sailplane.
I already had hi-start experience and wanted a winch launch glider, so I was a little torn about getting one until now.

I did most of the Paul Naton mods on it, carbon tow glued to the sides and a plywood keel up the fuse/rudder joint, taped the wings, changed the incidence and CG, upgraded the prop.

Compared to what I've seen with the other guys flying stock ones in our club, it has MUCH less tendency to loop on launch.
I've got the throttle on a switch, so even with a full power launch, it tracks nearly straight where you point it.

Flying on a 1000mah 30C gets me 5 or 6 200 m ALES launches at full power.
Posted by monious | May 07, 2013 @ 06:31 PM | 8,159 Views
While my Wristocrat Sr. was broken last fall, I pulled out the FIRST plane I'd ever built back in 1985, a 2 meter Buzz Waltz El Primero.

I'm not sure what's going on with the dihedral it's awfully flat. I think I even tried to bend a bit more into the 1/8" wing rods before that picture was taken.

I flew for a couple summers back then in Jr. High and had been away from the hobby until deciding to by a radio and the Writocrat kit.
Posted by monious | May 29, 2012 @ 06:04 PM | 5,157 Views
1.4x scaled up version of the Top Flight Wristocrat.
s3014 airfoil, RES, 36 oz.
I kept the basic planform from the original but adjusted the dihedral and increased the tail sizing based on the spreadsheet at:

Broke the wing on launch Mid-Sept. 2012.
Repaired the wing and built a new pod and boom (golf shaft) fuse. Weight dropped to 35 oz.
Posted by monious | May 29, 2012 @ 06:01 PM | 5,566 Views
Built in Sept.2011 from a mid-80's kit I picked up at a local swap meet.