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Posted by rmpRMP | Jan 23, 2012 @ 02:38 PM | 1,815 Views
I think I have finally retired. For the third time. So now I am building models again. But first, I should finish the Goldberg Anniversary Cub that I began building about 20 years ago. Here's where I stand with it.
I built the wing, and covered it with Cub Yellow Monokote.
I built the stabilizer, hinged it and covered it.
I built the tail, hinged it and covered it.
I built the fuselage, did not cover it, mounted the landing gear, built 4 of the control rods, and pretty much stopped until now.
I have a Futaba Conquest FP-T4NLRadio Set, and a K & B .40 engine. All of this, plus many small parts, the complete plans and instructions and a great many questions have been patiently waiting in my basement for my return.

1) All of the covered parts need cleaning. What's best for that?
2) I suspect that newly covered parts, such as the fuselage, will not match the color of those done long ago. Any remedy, except recovering or spray painting?
3)Will I have any trouble from Big Brother with this radio?
4) Will this .40 engine be enough for this big plane? What do you think would be better? Electric?
I'm glad I found this site. Virtual Aerodrome suggested it.