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Posted by shafter | Oct 11, 2012 @ 03:21 PM | 5,459 Views
OK, after few tests my method to achieve absolute jello-free videos on V929 + 808 #16 D-LENS

Camera mounted under the quad, flipped (buttons down)

1. Put strip of velcro (just one, soft side!) on the camera from upper side (touching battery holder)
2. Small black cable tie - VERY TIGHTLY SECURED around camera and quad frame.
3. Hold the zip-tie and insert battery wrapped tight in bubble-foil to fill every void* (I'm using NanoTech 600mAh and they are loose in V929 battery holder)

You should feel the camera attached very tighly almost like part of frame, you must be able to carry the quad holding just the camera !

I know it sounds crazy, but only this way i get rid of jello - VERY TIGHT to FRAME with just soft side of velcro.

Very easy and very good results !

Jello free V929 + 808 #16 (1 min 23 sec)

My SYSCFG.TXT (sorry no GUI - Mac user here)


Auto Record=[1];set movie auto record,0ff,1n,
Exposure Value=[2];Exposure compensation,0:-2EV,1:-1EV,2:0EV,3:+1EV,4:+2EV
White Balance=[4];Set White Balance,0:Auto,1aylight,2:Cloudy,3:Tungsten,4:Fl uorescent,
Contrast=[2];Set Contrast,0:-2,1:-1,2:Normal,3:+1,4:+2,
Color Effect=[6];Set Color Effect,0:Standard,1:Mono,2:Sepia,3:Cooler,4:Cool,5 :Warm,6:Warmer,
Saturation=[3];Set Image Staturation,0:-2,1:-1,2:Normal,3:+1,4:+2,
{MicroDVR mov 2012/09/11 v0.41}
Enjoy !