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Posted by WulfmanG | Feb 09, 2012 @ 01:38 PM | 1,817 Views
Hi am am new to the RC world and have seen my goal.......MI-24 600 scale.
I have got a nine eagles 328 and find it so easy to use after 10 mins trimming the controles I mastered the flight and felt like I had done this for years, I have played a lot of PC FLIGHT SIMS and fully understand how a chopper should fly, so I now feel ineed to go up a size or 2 to get to my goal.
So any advice on what to buy scale wise ie 450 500 or the big lep into 600 would be greatfulle ,
I have been looking at the E-FLITE BLADE 450 3D ! Any feed back please would be good and if there are other choppers the same or better do say.