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Posted by CorgiCowPockets - xxDExx | Mar 23, 2012 @ 12:23 PM | 3,552 Views
i have been a member in good standing for months, i am 68 with a few yrs left to live, i have COPD, CAD, wounded wheelchair bound vet that have had one issue with assasin 1 on here where i bought some parts and i never got them, even as of today nothing. i have requested a tracking number he said none, i asked for receipt, he said nothing. but he still acuses, abuses and borderline harrasesme and has his friends gang up on me here to make me feel like i am the liar. very bad treatment and abuse this sites members have. with thhat said i will be happy no longer being releated to this site. as you see from my sales everything was perfect before encountering assasi n1. things get lost in the mail but he continues to call me a liar and cheat. sad that things come to this in a world which i have very little time left to live. good day