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Posted by Proud Infidel | Apr 22, 2013 @ 04:38 PM | 2,955 Views
After 11 months of flying my Genius CP (3 flights per day), one of the inner balls of my swash plate wore out. So, I switched to the outer balls. Flying it that way doesn't feel as different as I was expecting ... I should need to replace my swash plate in 11 months ...
Posted by Proud Infidel | Jun 03, 2012 @ 07:26 PM | 4,237 Views
A guy PMed me that he went from a Syma S107G to a Genius CP. These beginner instructions are for him and other beginners. No matter how much experience you have with a 4 channel, consider yourself a beginner when you advance to a 6 channel. These instructions will allow you to fly the Walkera Genius CP (Exceed RC X100) in the 6 axis gyro mode, which behaves similar to a 4 channel heli.

Be advised that the 6 axis gyro is not perfect and needs refinement, but once you acquire experience with it, I think you'll be fine. So, try not to get too discouraged. In my first two days, I couldn't keep my Genius airborne more than a few seconds at a time.

Throttle Hold Activation

To minimize damages in an imminent crash, the throttle hold switch (top left) is what you want to flick (center position). From the factory, throttle hold is inactive, so you have to activate it.

Press enter, press up or down repeatedly until you see Function flash.
Press enter, press down repeatedly until you see THHLD flash.
Press enter. INH will flash. Press left, you'll change INH to ACT.
Press exit repeatedly until nothing flashes.

Setting a Positive Pitch Curve

To minimize damages in an imminent crash, 3 & 4 channel pilots will drop the left stick. If you drop the left stick on a 6 channel, the blades will go to a negative pitch (-20% factory setting), and the heli will slam into the ground. I know Nine Eagles Solo Pro 100 pilots who have broken landing gears this way. In an imminent crash,...Continue Reading
Posted by Proud Infidel | Mar 20, 2012 @ 12:29 PM | 5,313 Views
The Nine Eagles Solo Pro 270 is a nice heli but its flybar is flimsy and breaks easily. If you must buy the heli or already own one, you should familiarize yourself with this method of fixing the flybar. When you order replacement flybars, you should also order supplies below that you don't already have.

Supplies Needed
Servo arm. The thinness of the Xieda 9958 servo arm is needed for the thinness of the SP 270 flybar.
Mini drill bit set
3/8" drill. The drill must be able to accept the mini drill bit set.
Diagonal cutters
Safety pin or other pin, lighter or match, bathroom mirror or other mirror

1) To determine the proper size drill bit, remove the metal piece of the servo arm from its plastic piece. The proper size drill bit must fit into the plastic piece with little or no resistance. The next size larger should not go in.
2) Heat the head of the safety pin with the lighter and press it into the plastic where you're going to drill. This will prevent the drill bit from slipping.
3) Stand in front of your bathroom mirror and face sideways. The mirror gives you a second viewing angle, which will help you drill straight. As straight and as centered as possible, drill into both flybar pieces. Drill about 3.5 mm into the outer flybar piece. Drill about 4 mm into the inner flybar piece.
4) Screw in the servo arm into the inner flybar piece, unscrew it, then screw it into the outer flybar piece until it bottoms.
5) Cut the unthreaded portion of the...Continue Reading
Posted by Proud Infidel | Feb 24, 2012 @ 04:36 PM | 5,536 Views
A modification I highly recommend is replacing the motor of a V911 with a motor of a Xieda 9958. The Xieda motor has one more tooth in its pinion gear than the V911. The tightness between the pinion gear and main motor gear produces a quieter V911. The Xieda motor's slightly larger diameter will allow the motor to sit higher in the V911's frame, which is necessary because the pinion gear sits lower on the shaft. No spacers are needed. The motor holder has to be left out but it isn't necessary.
Posted by Proud Infidel | Feb 11, 2012 @ 09:03 PM | 4,586 Views
Since I'm a beginner, I crash a lot. I lost two grommets in one crash. To replace the grommets, I use rubber band. Cut a rectangular piece from a rubber band. Use a safety pin to prick a hole on the rubber band. Lay the heli on the side. Use your fingernails and needle nose pliers (or tweezers) to stretch the rubber band until you see the hole you made, then put it in the heli. The rubber bands do a better job of keeping the canopy on.
Posted by Proud Infidel | Feb 11, 2012 @ 08:51 PM | 4,635 Views
The V911's tail motor is loose in it's holder and can separate during flight. I put tape on the motor to serve as an obstruction. It'll prevent the motor from twisting and coming off its holder. The tape is on the back, as well as the front.
Posted by Proud Infidel | Feb 11, 2012 @ 06:01 PM | 4,433 Views
Referring to the attached image, you see the missing teeth on the tin? Needle nose pliers are needed to remove and shape the tin (upside down U) to connect the broken landing gear. The tin will loosen, so once in a while, you have to recrimp the tin.