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Posted by cgpirre | Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:21 AM | 17,917 Views
I've ordered various v911, most for myself, a few for friends and friends of friends.
Thanks to this awesome forum I've learned quite a bit about it, and so I decided to do write down my 'new v911 procedure' so that new people can also benefit from this without having to read a thread that's several hundred pages long
All of this will be basic stuff that does not require any extra upgrade parts.

For those that are new to the hobby, I'd like to start with some basic info:
  • Use your common sense. Don't fly close to people, animals or traffic. It's small, but the blades spin at high speed! Fly in a large open space so you learn how to control it properly
  • Beginner mistake: don't think "let's see how high it goes". It can go higher then you can see it, and winds up there are a lot different from down on the ground. You wouldn't be the first to lose a helicopter this way (I too learned this the hard way...)
  • Treat the batteries with respect, and never charge them unsupervised. They are small, but can be a real fire hazard if something goes wrong
  • Discard any damaged or swollen batteries, don't let them charge for too long, and let them cool down for at least 10 minutes after charging and flying, this will also increase their lifetime
  • The helicopter itself can take a beating, but the electronics are still sensitive. Cut the throttle immediately (=pull the stick down) if you crash or feel you are going to crash, and just let it fall. The drop most likely won't hurt it,
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