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Posted by Bojamus | Jan 13, 2012 @ 11:40 PM | 2,219 Views
Well my MSRx showed up yesterday. I first tried flying it in the office...terrible idea. After bouncing it off of the cabinet where our TV sits, a couple of different desks, and the wall (and subsequently into the trash) I decided to take a different approach. The wind seemed a little high so I just set the little bird aside for a minute...then later as I went out to have a smoke I noticed that it was quite calm outside.

So I decided to take the risk...I reset the trim and moved outside to fly. It was definitely a handful and took more inputs than I am used to...but then again I'm a novice, so that's to be expected. I was able to just fly around a bit and achieve a reasonable hover...not so much a hover but able to keep the nose pointed in one direction while staying within a three by three foot square. It's a start. thing I've noticed about Afghanistan is that darkness can descend quite rapidly. So my Platoon Sergeant came by and I was eager to show it off to him since all he had seen of it was me running it into walls and scaring people with my own inexperience while getting too close to their exposed faces. So we stepped outside and I flew a was starting to get dark and he commented on how fast it was...then had to go back down to his office. So here I was...with the light fading quickly and probably half or so of the battery left. I wasn't about to just stop so I decided to try to do some take offs with nothing but throttle input and try to trim...Continue Reading
Posted by Bojamus | Dec 31, 2011 @ 08:42 AM | 2,016 Views
So less than a week into having my MCX I decided I need a single rotor fixed pitch bird. I debated and looked around for what to get and finally decided on the MSR X. I primarily decided on that particular one because I already have the controller for it so I can just get the BNF version as well as the fact that I saw a lot of really good reviews on it both here and elsewhere.

I'm really looking forward to it...and now that I've experimented with my MCX a bit and will still have it around to play with I think I'm going to take it slow with the MSR X. I really don't want to foul this one up like I feel I did for the first two days of having the MCX. I am, however, a little emboldened by the fact that my MCX did have an issue and I was able to troubleshoot and fix it mainly with the help of people on this forum, specifically John aka "scotsoft". Thanks for the video, John.

Anyways...I have a feeling having a lot of time on my hands while in Afghanistan as well as not much to spend money on will have me spending a lot of time playing around with these birds as well as doing a lot of online shopping. Here's hoping to a not too incredibly dented bank account (and an angry wife )

Posted by Bojamus | Dec 30, 2011 @ 11:27 PM | 2,059 Views
So I'm new to the hobby, if not to rotary wing aircraft. I love helicopters and find them and their mechanics intriguing. I'm a college graduate who decided after graduating to go and join the US Army as an enlisted Soldier (specifically I'm an AH-64D Repairer) and while I have a fair amount of hands on experience climbing around on them I honestly spend more time doing paperwork. So is the fate of being smart in a job that really doesn't require much. Seriously...a monkey could work on an Apache if they had the IETM. far I only have one aircraft (a Blade MCX). I was definitely able to fly it right away, but I also overestimated my own abilities/its limits for the first day or two and had a few crashes. It only ended up in the trash can once though, I swear. I do have another aircraft on the way (a Blade MSR X) so I can get a little fixed pitch SR time. My goal is to be flying something like a Genius CP or mCPx by the time I'm supposed to go back to the US.

Attached are some random pictures from Afghanistan and one of my little bird.