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Posted by jasonafriedman | Jun 04, 2014 @ 03:16 AM | 2,659 Views
I am in the process of selling my F550 hex that is set up for AP. It has naza v2 with gps, stock power setup, tarot t 2d gimbal, 5.8ghz fpv, hyperion 2950mah 30c 4s lipo, dji landing legs. Here is what I like about it- it flies great, rth works, nothing malfunctions, electronically and mechanically sound, easy to fly, and is extremely reliable. What I dont like is- how much it costs, 9 min flight time which is ok i guess, it doesnt fold, and i have to fim on medium on the gopro to not get the landing legs or props in view.
For my next rig i am leaning to the f550. I am seeing the $400 f550 with naza lite, dji legs, and e300 power setup.

I would like to try a different way of mounting the gopro in order to be able to film on wide with no props in view. The aeroxcraft gear looks promising with another tarot gimbal. Another option is a 3 axis gimbal and retracts, but that will bring up the cost significantly to my f550. Im seeking advise on what is best for aerial photography. Im trying to get the best footage possible from the gopro. A nex camera might be mounted on the hex in the future, but that will only happen if I can make a lot of money compared to what Im making now. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks