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Posted by Cervanchez | Dec 27, 2012 @ 02:22 AM | 52,459 Views

So, this part of the Naza manual has always baffled me:

STEP1: Basic Parameters
“To the gains of Pitch and Roll, if you release the Pitch or Roll stick after command stick, multi-rotor should be back to hovering state. If the reaction of multi-rotor in this procedure is too soft (large delay), please increase the basic gain slowly (10%-15% each time) until vibration emerges after you release the stick. Then decrease the gain a little until vibration just disappears. Now the gain is perfect, but the reaction of the attitude change is slow. You can follow the way introduced at the end of this section to tune the attitude gains….

…Attitude gains determine the reaction speed of attitude from command stick, the bigger the value the quicker the reaction. Increase it for sharper and quicker leveling action after command stick released. Unstable shaking flying and the control feeling will be stiffness and rigid if the value is too high; and sluggish leveling action and slow braking if too small.”

So, my understanding from explanations on rcgroups of the Naza basic and attitude gains were that the basic gains affect the reaction of the multi to outside influences (like wind), and the attitude gains affect the reaction to stick input. This was, however, hard for me to see or feel while tuning in flight. Then re-reading the manual several times it seemed to contradict itself. In both paragraphs about basic gains and attitude gains it mentions...Continue Reading