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Posted by rcastab | Jan 13, 2013 @ 05:40 PM | 4,924 Views
I just recently built my Elfi Q parkflyer with ailerons ARF that was sitting around for years. It's my favorite RC airplane and my third ELfi. Just wanted to share my upgrades and modification with the airplane.

Flying Elfi is always a treat with realistic and forgiving slow flying characteristics, and I thought I would make it even more realistic with the upgrades I added. I love doing touch and go, take-offs, and landing with the Elfi, and I've realized that with time, eventually the fuselage would begin to crack and the nose wheel getting bent, and my landings were sometimes bouncy with the stiff stock landing gear. So I decided to perform these upgrades to have a much more enjoyable flying experience and to preserve the Elfi as long as possible.

With these upgrades, I avoided adding too much weight by using only light material that is needed that I can think of.

Flying weight: ??? TBD
Motor: Eflite Speed 280 brushless
Servos: HS-35HD for all surfaces and steering servo (Rated at 11 oz-in torque @ 4.8V)
Battery: Eflite 2S, 20C, 1300mAh or 2S 800mAh
Efficiency: 25 minutes flight time per approximately 1050mAh consumption (80% of battery max capacity), flying at cruising speed at less than half throttle, performing take-offs, landing, and ground taxiing multiple times.
Landing gear: Losi RC car spring suspension for all three wheels, carbon fiber support, poplar square wood.

You can watch Elfi doing simple taxiing here on this...Continue Reading