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Posted by Scratchy101 | Jun 17, 2017 @ 09:35 PM | 13,555 Views
This is my Build Log for a woodie IOM using veneer edge tape covered with fiberglass and epoxy.
<edit> I could not find unglued (non-pre-glued) edge veneer tape at my local wood supplier so I bought a roll of fir veneer - 12" x 84" and will slice it up myself. </edit>

Here is the link to the Frank Russell design IOM - Ellipsis I am building:
And here is the description:
January 2017

FRD’s new IOM design Ellipsis… is finally ready and is available from my Plans Page. This design is a different approach to the Goth series. The boat has no chine but has the same volume distribution and excellent hull balance that make chine boats work. Advantages are simplicity as now only a single piece mold is needed for the hull. The deck has been widened slightly from the Goth Mk4 to increase the stay base for better rig control, while the waterline and hull wetted surface is actually less. There are two deck layouts offered. The conventional forward winch layout and an aft winch aft cockpit layout.