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Posted by twillie2460 | Dec 20, 2011 @ 12:59 PM | 1,727 Views
Ok just like it say I am very new to the rc world and never flown but want to learn so here I am. Any and all commits welcomed and will be read and considered as I do not know good ones from bad ones right now. Just bought a Double Horse 9053. I have read articles on different sites about how to make mods to to so it will be less likely to crash or blade strikes and some seem fairly easy like changing out the balance bar on top to a smaller one made of plastic to reversing the the blade holders (sorry wrong terminology) on the bottom so you can get more distance in between the blades but that looked a bit more involved to me. So I need a bit more training or one on one instructions it seems. I am just now trying to start with getting to flying the 9506 in my kitchen not even really getting off the floor. Just learning how to turn it and make it go forward and backward. I guess what I would like to know what mods would be best for me, like what would make it easier to fly or less likely to crash for starters. I would also like to put in a bigger battery for longer practice time. Sorry for the long post but I not sure how else to get enough info out there to get the best answers that I seek back. I did watch the video from a beginners thread and or what I thought was a a thread for people like me and the guy flying that copter was so far out of my league so I really hope that is not what you consider a average pilot, like I said to me he was way far advanced. So any help would be great and hope to learn to fly one of these at some point.