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Posted by visioneer_one | Sep 24, 2018 @ 10:01 AM | 2,237 Views
Originally Posted by vimy g eaou
And like you, I was shocked at the price of these SMPS's compared to what they used to be.
I also had a pair of DPS-1200s die after using them off a generator. They were in series, and the generator is an inverter type

Lol at the prices on these now. Blame the cryptocurrency nerds!

I replaced them with some DPS-750s, also in series. These are cheap for now at around $19 off of eBay.
(turns out that I didn't really need 900+ watts to run half my charging station)

Also - I've bought 6 of these and converted them to run in series. The conversion procedure is identical to the DPS-1200s


turns out that there are different types of DPS-750s which are not compatible with each other. pairing incompatible ones in series invariably - and quickly (literally within minutes - kills one of the two supplies.

went through three PSUs before I discovered that little nugget of information I thought I was doing something wrong when floating the ground or maybe they were just dodgy from the start but Nope not quite - it just so happened that I managed to pair up incompatible ones. Twice.

the last set I converted and paired up for 24V a little over a week ago. They passed my initial testing and worked as expected for this past weekend's charging activities. So far so good.

if they continue working I'll tear the vinyl off of them and post pics as to exactly which...Continue Reading
Posted by visioneer_one | Apr 11, 2018 @ 11:14 AM | 2,164 Views
Originally Posted by hobbya
It seems to me there are two versions of this module:
nRF24L01: maximum power is around 19.5dBm (89mW). [HiSky]
A7105: maximum power is also around 19.5dBm (89mW). [FlySky]
CC2500: maximum power is only 17dBm (50mW), very bad. [FrSky]
CYRF6936: maximum power is around 18.5dBm (70mW). [Spektrum/Devo]
so I have these two modules.

tested both of them immediately upon receipt. Module #1 seemed to be consistently a little more powerful than module #2, but since both were putting out more than their rated 70mW in Spektrum/DSMX mode I figured that they were fine.

I did notice that I had a couple of odd failsafes which I didn't have with my actual Spektrum radios. Tested the modules again and the power levels were p much unchanged. I figured that teh stock ducky antennas were to blame. DId a bit of research and wanted to try one of the VAS 2.4 folded dipoles. These have standard SMA connectors; the modules are RP-SMA. I didn't want to use an RP-SMA to SMA adapter, so I ordered a short U.FL to SMA cable to replace the stock coax cable.

apparently I clicked on the wrong length!
stock coax is approx. 2", my replacement is 4"

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Posted by visioneer_one | Apr 04, 2018 @ 07:41 PM | 2,309 Views
finally got a valid sbus stream out of my 4-ch receiver.

Procedure :

- downgraded TX firmware from v3.00 to v2.11

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Posted by visioneer_one | Mar 01, 2018 @ 07:08 AM | 2,875 Views
$5 for a 5S balance lead, a pair of 2-pin JST plugs and two 1N4001 (1A 50v) diodes wired up in series and you can safely use a 3S lipo.

the 3 pins on the left go to the (-) rail, the other two are (+).

A little hard to see here, so click for gigantic. I have 2 sets of diodes connected in series on the (+) side, one set per leg.
(the dioded are the little lumps under the heatshrink.

Each diode drops the voltage by approx. 0.7V. 2 in series means that the radio never sees more than 11.2V even when the 3S lipo is fully charged.

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Posted by visioneer_one | Feb 15, 2018 @ 11:10 AM | 5,205 Views
There are a couple of options.

- *Genuine* Spektrum DM9 module : Expensive! PPM only, so somewhat laggy. No ModelMatch. DSM2 only, so some of the newer BNFs won't easily bind to it. No telemetry. Supports up to 8 channels.

- Spektrum "Hack" module : Affordable (when pre-built), PITA otherwise as you have to get the board, components and a donor DX5e/6e transmitter. No PPM->Spektrum conversion lag. Supports DSM2 and DSMX. Supports ModelMatch! Sends 6 channels only. No telemetry.

- iRangeX multi-protocol module : Cheap! Same basic advantages as the hack module, but it supports up to 12 channels and telemetry. The firmware is open-source and is being continually updated.
Posted by visioneer_one | Feb 03, 2018 @ 08:09 PM | 11,937 Views
So a test was requested...

Originally Posted by The Internet
Have you charged 6s packs in parallel with the 250w? If so could it do the full 10 amps?
I don't know. With 9 chargers on the table I never needed to run any one of them to their limits.

Let's Test

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