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Posted by Bluestreak007 | Sep 03, 2012 @ 07:23 PM | 4,173 Views
Another project I have going as an FPV offroad racer. After driving this Monster truck at speed with the steering wheel it was soooo much fun that I had to improve it.

FPV with a Steering wheel (2 min 30 sec)

After stipping the gears for the pan servo I decided to just have a stabilised tilt on this (no time to pan around looking at the scenery anyway!)
Posted by Bluestreak007 | Aug 20, 2012 @ 09:18 PM | 5,179 Views
OK - Here's the summary of my setup:

1/8 scale HSP Crawler ($154.50 from Ebay)
x1 5200mah 2s Lipo for vehicle ($21.63 Hobbyking)
x1 5000mah 4s Lipo for cam/tx etc... ($23.32 Hobbyking)
x2 CCbec pro switching regs - one programmed at 5 volts for RX/servos, one programmed at 12volts for TX/lights/zoom camera/zoom relays ($32.57 ea from Ebay)
Cameras - modular camera/pan/tilt systems - one with Gopro ($191.95 ebay), one with x270 zoom day/night security cam ($101.69 ebay). Both with Servo block ($25 Servocity) GWS S125 360degree sailwinch servos (for pan) ($19 ebay) and Hitec HS325HB servos (for tilt) ($13 Servocity) through Gyro for camera stabilisation - Titan 720 head lock (.01cent + $11 post off ebay )
Clear 2mm pvc plastic for waterproof caseing.
Tekin TT1091 FXR esc (to replace crappy original) ($90 ebay)
Video TX - Lets just say I use the lowest legal frequency highest power I can get away with
Toroids on everything
Welded steel brake pipe roll cage designed to help vehicle get back on it's wheels
All mounted on modular FPV Backpack (that can also fit on my Turnigy Trailblazer Monster truck $206.78 from Hobbyking)
Steering Servo/s: Waterproof Hitec HS-646WP ($36.65 ebay)
Vehicle control - Dragonlink ($287 from Dragonlink)
Lights - Modular waterproof light bar with x2 36LED 840nm IR LED Arrays (for wet night missions) ($2.69ea ebay) or for dry (with waterproof casing removed) x1 36 LED array mounted to zoom camera ($7.95 ebay).
Radio controlled '...Continue Reading