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Posted by ROLLING CIRCLE | Jan 29, 2012 @ 08:55 PM | 3,866 Views
Indooor Jan 29 2012 4 (4 min 25 sec)

Had a pretty good day overall. Managed not to put anything into the linoleum for the most part

The 3DHS EPP Edge is a workhorse... gotta try more of these EPP planes. First one and we're very happy with it.
Posted by ROLLING CIRCLE | Jan 26, 2012 @ 11:49 PM | 3,748 Views
IMAC site isn't working for us for purpose of pulling up the new Arresti arrangement etc... but, being sort of new to it as well, we were wondering if anyone has any good info on reading and interpreting them. This is the new thing for this season and a focus right now in terms of getting prepared. At times, it seems a bit hard to tell if you are supposed to be in the middle or bottom of your pattern going in and out of maneuvers. What looks like a long downline to the bottom of the pattern end up being flown as if in the middle of the airspace going into the next maneuver. Or, at least that's what it's reading like so far. When you see it flown, it's much easier to do over but sometimes it seems we come up with different interpretations of the diagrams in the sequence.

Feel free to chime in....
Posted by ROLLING CIRCLE | Jan 24, 2012 @ 10:17 PM | 3,687 Views
VID 00016-20120122-1348.3GP (6 min 21 sec)

So, maybe I figured it out now... holy cow... been waiting for us to get a few minutes of flight time to get some fresh video adn we only had an hour last weekend total gym time... nothing groundbreaking this week but at least an experiment to get the you tube thing to work for the most part. I'm sort of new to the RC Groups Blog scene and I've been trying this for weeks LOL... So, this is just some freestyle indoor on the 3DHS Edge540 set up 3S which is more outdoor but Aaron handles it fine. Enjoy! Hope all is well folks. Weather has been warm in MD so hope to maiden a couple planes outdoor very soon. This is all video from my Blackberry which is pretty bad in terms of video quality. Anything you all can offer towards offering hints to help Aaron's flying once you see his style, is greatly appreciated. As you see he is trying what he can out of a 3S plane in this little gym. Very fun on a Sunday though. Thanks for taking a look. Just got his IMAA and IMAC numbers set up too by the way. We both had the AMA going already but we are ramping it up for this year so he has the ability to hit most all flight lines etc...

Hope to see you at The Nall
Posted by ROLLING CIRCLE | Jan 09, 2012 @ 09:33 PM | 4,664 Views
Couple things on our minds tonight....

Planning for Nall, first time, and we were planning on renting an RV and dragging a trailer with the planes and such. So, are dogs welcome at Triple Tree for Nall week? We have two real nice, well behaved black labs and would hate to do doggie-day-care to them if we could get them a piece of the family vacation too. I've been googling and can't seem to figure it out yet. Haven't seen much about pets there to speak of.

Question number two, will there be a Youth Masters this year? Would love to get Aaron in and hit Triple Tree twice this year in addition to just starting him out on the IMAC scene.

Oh, and, I started a YouTube Channel finally for Aaron's flying videos but can't seem to upload the video to the blog or the videos area. I tried "upload from a URL" from manage attachments when posting, but, when I paste in the info from the address bar when on his video page viewing a video, th upload manager says "Invalid File." Any ideas. I know some here are pros at it by now. I'm just getting going.

Any help is appreciated on these issues guys. Any hints on key things to take to Nall Wek are appreciated as well. I know there are a few threads on it here and there on this site and elsewhere. Please let me know what you can.
Posted by ROLLING CIRCLE | Jan 04, 2012 @ 10:19 PM | 3,882 Views
This is the new project.... almost done now. This is a couple weeks ago...
and, the dogs made it in there somehow...