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Posted by PatOg | Jan 03, 2014 @ 10:25 PM | 3,949 Views
Hi everyone,

Here's a building log of my second "tricoplane" project (POGL-019) .
I received many good advices about my first one, the POGL-018. After about 10 flight tests I decided to stop the development and to rethink the whole concept keeping the original goal.

Original goals
To conceive a VTOL airplane capable to hover perfectly and to as well offer a natural plane behavior in horizontal flight (with the usual inputs). To provide smooth and lithesome transitions and likewise to be capable to glide and land on a runway. All this without tilting parts.

Epilog of the Tricoplane v1.0 POGL-018 see attached image
The v1.0 was a tricopter hybrid airplane. Wings were fixed and tilted at 25. The rotors were all fixed. This configuration was providing very smooth transitions and the possibility to float at a certain limited speed. Very limited speed I should say and that is the reason why I stopped its development.
For a moment, I thought to tilt the wing at maybe 40to get much more of the horizontal thrust vector but I changed my mind. Even at 40I'll still have two vectors and the wings will still fight against the acceleration inputs which is draining inefficiently the battery.
Two of the goals were achieve : Perfectly hovering and offering very smooth and easy transitions.

video of the v1.0
POGL018 VTOL - Nouveau concept d'avion à décollage vertical. New VTOL airplane concept. (4 min 4 sec)

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