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Posted by rbk180 | Jan 27, 2012 @ 05:26 PM | 1,753 Views
Here is the line up Name: HANKS HELI'S 002.jpg
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Posted by rbk180 | Jan 27, 2012 @ 01:38 PM | 1,739 Views
I recently bought and installed the tuff guard and the tail blade kits from MIA this is the best money I've spent on my blade sr. I have acualy learned how to hover it. If it does start to run away and I have to land it hardder than one would like no more boom strikes that tear the heli to pieces. YAAAA!!! The other helpful things were a pheonix flight sim and a new DX6i. YAHOO!!! My financial addvisor has ask were the end of the $$$ will come. My answer (cost money to have fun) this works if you agree to a shopping spree.
I'll try to post a picture of mods later.
Posted by rbk180 | Jan 06, 2012 @ 09:14 PM | 2,155 Views
Well I bought a blade sr I seem to be good at crashing it, I kept it on the ground for a couple of days but not enough room in the quanset and I hit a 5 gallon bucket not to bad to repair. Then I moved it outside for more room and was having success hovering and then I did what I discvered is a NO NO for these colective pitch helis, with the little msr when I was learning I would cut the trottle if I was going to hit something, so instinct told me to do the same thing in a 2 foot hover with the blade sr (DON'T DO THIS) with the msr you can simply pick it up dust it off and go back to flying, not so with the blade sr (even with training gear). I gathered up the tail motor and flybar,heli,the C shaped tial boom, rear part of main frame and went inside to dismantle the entire heli and make a parts list. I bought a RTF but I will be building a new blade sr, quite a learning curve.
Posted by rbk180 | Dec 09, 2011 @ 09:44 PM | 2,088 Views
I had foot surgery 8 wks ago ,after the 2nd week I got bored and got out a reflex heli I had that never did fly controlably so I broke one of the stabilizer bars on it. I found out parts are hard to come by and I could buy a new syma 107 for $25 so I bought it had fun but to easy, so bought a blade mSR then upgrade batteries then a different radio and am know looking to buy a full collective heli. Any one have info on which heli would be a good next step. I,ll have to figure out how to convince my wife it necessary, but I'm working on that. So you old hands at this if you could give me some ideas I would appreciate it.