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Posted by Prydespride | May 12, 2012 @ 11:58 PM | 2,268 Views
My sad Schematic attached, I hope.
Posted by Prydespride | Jan 15, 2012 @ 09:35 PM | 2,055 Views
Hey all. I just wanted to share some of my recent experiences while Iím wading blindly into this new hobby.

I started with a little 3.5 Channel heli my dad gave me during my last trip to NY. Next thing I know I'm looking all over the web for cooler helicopters. I just had to fly. Well, I purchased my first heli, a little Blade mCX (fun little guy). I flew this thing as much as I could with only one little lipo constantly being recharged. Fast forward a bit and Iím purchasing parts for an EXI 450 (Trex 450 clone) build. That didn't end well. I way setting up my Tx and cycling through from normal mode to ID1/ID2 modes and didnít exit on the correct screen. End result? The heli started spooling inside my house at what was no longer 0% throttle. Needs quite a few new parts.

Okay maybe I should step back and recollect myself because that 450 scares the heck outta me at the moment. Sooo now I'm thinking airplanes. Gotta be tons of fun right? Okay. I go to the store MANY hours logged here on RC Groups figuring out what would be best. Parkzone UMs aren't super appealing. It's Colorado and we get lots of wind. Well I walked into Hobby Town and saw a Super Cub like plane on the shelf. A GWS E Starter. Looks like a great trainer, and even better... it has Ailerons (I really wanted a 4 ch plane). Hey whatís that over there also? The new mSR X from Blade! Ohhhh I want one of them too! Oh, man the wife was pissed (I had to buy her a Kindle Fire to appease her wrath).

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