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Posted by kitty drong | Dec 14, 2011 @ 02:34 AM | 2,093 Views
Orlando RC Helicopter Racing was held grandly in America recently, a large amount of world famous modelers took their planes at the campaign. The competition was extremely fierce and has already made the audience scream.

RC Helicopter Players

RC Helicopter Competition Scene

RC Helicopter Flying Photo
Posted by kitty drong | Dec 12, 2011 @ 12:46 AM | 2,154 Views
2011年12月8日、日本株式会社JVBの社長富田様は、通訳担当の呉さんを伴って、わが社(シンセンS DSHOBBY電子株式会社)へ見学した。

富田社長に当社の発展経歴をご紹介致してから、当社近年以来一番売れ行き商品について、ご紹介致し、そして 、よく売れる商品の特点にも説明致しました。

また、富田社長はわが社の新倉庫へ見学しました。倉庫で富田社長にとって、一番興味がある商品はガソリン飛 行機です。「弊社のガソリン飛行機の品質は良いですね。」富田はこの話を話しました。

Posted by kitty drong | Dec 09, 2011 @ 12:38 AM | 2,219 Views
Itís not costly or difficult to purchase and fly an electric radio control plane. Actually, it is now easier and more affordable than ever. Not only is it an enormously enjoyable pastime, also allow you to sharpen your motor and decision-making skills. RC flying can make you feel and keep dynamic. Just grasping the basics of RC flying will give you a real sense of accomplishment. If you want to continue to progress and improve your RC flying skills, please read carefully the following tips:

1. Subscribe to a Journal or Magazine

RC aviation journals and magazines contain large amount of articles, guides and techniques from experts throughout the world. Each journal will discuss intermediate and advanced flying maneuvers and strategies which you can use to one-up your game. Always try to pump down your time to practice these techniques with your radio control plane until youíre skillful at flying it.

2. Find a Coach

Having an expert supervising your training will not only help you master your electric RC plane, but will also give you valuable lessons and techniques that will greatly improve your flight. For a beginner, you may accidentally come down with bad habits, which can become rooted as you continue to practice and work to get better at flying your electric radio control planeS. An instructor from the beginning can help reduce these mistakes.

3. Participate the AMA

Joining a professional organization will allow you access to plenty of resources to help you become a better pilot. You will also have the chance to interact and learn from more experienced fliers. Additionally, thereís nothing like friendly competition to push you into becoming the best you can be in the world of RC flying.
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Do you know the RC Planes? Almost small child has dreamed of flying a plane, helicopter or a jet in speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour. RC aircrafts are the answer to these desires that you can come near the exciting of not only flying, but also making your own little aircraft and watching it fly high. RC aircraft model has come a long way with all the latest gadgets and anyone can learn to fly one with the latest ready to fly kits. These kits can be assembled in a few hours. All you need is to get to know the various options available in the market and decide on one which is easy to make and fly.

Communicating on Online Club

If you like RC Planes ?you can Join a flying club or communicating with modelers who will give you tips on planes and flying can help you get familiar with RC model planes or the easiest way is to go online. Even professional modelers will find internet useful if they need to find information. Information on all types, models, and spare parts are easily available at a click. Detailed information on all the different types of engines and the pros and cons of each are listed for your reference. It is better to go online and check before deciding to buy a RC plane.

Browsing Guidelines and Instructions

Except for Internet information, you will also find guidelines and instructions of how to build your model plane, for beginners and experienced enthusiasts. There are many enthusiasts who have their own websites where you will find very...Continue Reading
Posted by kitty drong | Dec 06, 2011 @ 09:24 PM | 2,425 Views
The engine is the most significant part of your RC car. Tending the RC car engine requires more time than similar spot-checks on your carís tires or body. You need to set up a regular maintenance routine, inspecting for damage before every race and after running your car.


Clean your motor with a specialty cleaner from your local hobby store. These cleaners typically come from a large metal spray can and are sprayed directly into your engine.

Replace the brushes and springs if needed. You should be able to know when these items need replaced by doing a visual inspection during your RC car engine maintenance routine.

Use a soft towel to wipe off the cables and wires on your RC car engine as often as possible. Even a short race can cause a large number of dirt to get caked onto the wiring system. Prevent the increase of dirt and rust by using WD-40 on the engine to make it last longer.

A weekly inspection for engine fluids including the fluid in differentials and shocks is also a need. The fluid levels should keep plain.

Check your air filter after each run and add new oil, which can keep your engine running longer than it would if you use the same air filter for a long time.

Read carefully the manual, especially the additional tips on how to best RC car maintain your engine.


If you need assistance for your engine or have questions, take your RC car to a hobby store and ask for some in-person assistance or more experienced racers for advice.