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Posted by ArchillesElbow | Jan 14, 2013 @ 05:03 PM | 98,328 Views
After building my first Micro quad with fpv and HD recording, I was asked by several members of RCGroups to write a build log for it.. So here goes..

Firstly a little context... I set out to build a stable, reliable and resilient micro fpv quad that could fly good range but still stop and hover for some AP.. So I wanted to fulfill the following:
1) cheap build
2) long range in the micro class ( 1km distance at least - so a 2 km round trip)
3) 7min or more STABLE hover flight time..
4) durable
5) reliable in terms of flight characteristics (no sudden WOD for example)
6) HD recording
7) medium to long range fpv kit (200 mw vtx and good antennas)
8) a little wind resistant
9) something I could fly everyday
10) light weight

I am happy to report I have managed to fulfill all of the criteria above (some even exceeded - like a 10 min flight time - except one and that's the range. This is because I need to boost the rc range of the quad and transmitter... I have done upto 330m one way so far, more than 200 meters high and round trips of around 800m... The latter takes around 3:30 so with a 10 min flight time I have high hopes of getting to a kilometer once I sort out the rc connection

So I guess the build log...
Light is Right!!!
The first thing I had to do to fulfill the 10 criteria above was to make the entire solution as light as possible... Infact I found that the golden number in terms of weight for the v929 and v949 was less than 86g auw. This was a...Continue Reading