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Posted by omelette | Mar 30, 2012 @ 03:58 AM | 3,087 Views
First maiden, not a breath of wind in the sky, trimmed her up, had no authority what so ever with the ailerons and I had to fly her home with the rudder, haven't used that part of my thumb for some time now and had to think it through. Luckily I had connected it as I was initially going to use that channel for a pan/tilt camera.

Not sure why I'm having trouble with aileron authority, both are functioning correctly and I even set servo travel to 120% will ask on the forum later.

FY21AP working well in all functions.

4S 4000maH and had 24 minutes flight time on the GPS.

4th April 2012

Mixing fuel for regeneration burns today, while waiting for the chopper I threw the SW, winds were strong and buffeting, 3 WTE's turned up and wanted to mate with my plane, didn't have the gopro installed so I came into land also didn't want the eagles hanging around when the chopper arrived.

This flight 12 minutes, FY21AP was problem free, moved CoG back and bumped ailerons up to 140 and still having bad authority, ground station camera is suddenly filming poor quality footage, maybe it's something to do with the noise of the new camera as my old pixim seawolf has died. Ground station TV has excellent picture and colour
21 April 2012

Flew with both smaller and bigger wing today, so much...Continue Reading