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Posted by tommy2toes | Feb 02, 2013 @ 09:30 PM | 3,128 Views
the arkbird osd gps plug n play is a brand new osd or onscreen display for flying with goggles. i have seen them work and recently i got a unit of my own to test and use i plan to put it on my airplane called the raptor fpv its here
this is one of if not the easiest fpv planes i have ever used. i would highly recomend this as your first fpv or even if your expierienced its a great flyer when properly set up. stay under 2200 mah 3s to keep good glide caractoristics and low weight. also i really enjoy using the fatshark preditor all in one fpv goggles and camera seen here they work better than any other brand ive seen or used. and the camera goes on a pan n tilt set of servos to look around as you fly around. ill let you know how the arkbird works on my plane when it gets here. tommy
Posted by tommy2toes | Jan 21, 2013 @ 03:18 PM | 2,696 Views
so i went to the iowa swap meet and wow. there was planes auctioned off for $280.00 that were $5to6,000 to build rtf. again i say wow! i could not afford them but i did get a 880mm rare bear dga series i didnt see the motor it came with so bonus. i inspected it and began the biuld last night. i will post pics later but this is the usa version so it will be awsome light efficient and it has landing gear wich ive never seen on the ones over seas. for the record i am happy today lol. i also bought a advanced glider not sure what it is i will have to post it to see i have never seen anything like it fully covered shaped wings with huge cabon fiber rods in them and another for the tail fiberglass body balsa staight tail 3 channel. sweet lookin plane so light and yet seriously strong milar wings. somone will have to name it tell me where its from?
Posted by tommy2toes | Jan 16, 2013 @ 11:58 AM | 3,197 Views
I was in the middle of recovering from a accedent myself and just limping around a lake with my son helping me when we saw the planes flying the first time. i asked him do you want to go and see up close. yea he said with exitment. ok lets go. when we got there guys were all freindly and asked if we would like to try it? really sure we said so they weny way up with gentle glider he called viagra cause once it went up it wouldnt come down it stayed up all day we thought that was very funny. as i said i was recovering from 3 crushed vertibre still am forever not repairable so i will be in pain the rest of my life. but while i was flying and even watching i no loger noticed the pain! at the end i realized i had stood there longer than was possible for me at the time without pain. from that second i realized there was huge applications for this. i bought a name to begin!and also protected it as mine forever now i need help to finance this but untill i do i will blog and do what i can to make others aware this is comming and its for all not just the people who need help but all who just want to impove thier quality of life.
Posted by tommy2toes | Jan 15, 2013 @ 10:40 PM | 2,928 Views
Well then hello,
my name is Thomas but my freinds call me Tom. I was thinking of trying somthing brand new! a student with poor grades began to get good grades a old man that had a stroke began to function well again a accedent victim who is paralized parapaligic began to aquire old motor skills and learn anew. How is this all accomlished? Through my program teaching anyone to fly! So i want to open a school of flight and proove that learning all types of flying can improve you life and all your hand eye motor skills and funtions. learning music or taking music lessons can make you smarter opening new parts not previously used and making it possible to learn new and increasing your memory and abilitys in alot of areas. for some it means better grades for others it means a new chance at life. and for others yet it can just let them know they are good at somthing improving their confidence. thus wiping depression away. im hopful to get a few investors but will go alone if i have to. i feel this can really improve the quality of life for everyone and a better education for our kids. hope i get support!