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Posted by ken2011 | Nov 27, 2019 @ 08:11 PM | 2,474 Views
This is my personal memo, but will work fair.

iA6B V1.6 firmware is here.

1. Get a Nucleo MCU board like as this. Cheap $15 and not only for upgrade, but also you can evaluate/develop a STM32 MPU.

And remove 3 jumper chips, at CN2 (2) , and JP5 (1). Then your Nucleo changed into ST-LINK/V2.

Install software/driver.
Driver here.
ST-LINK Utility here.

2. You need a external 5V/BEC power. Prepare this, but do not connect to iA6B at this time.

3. Wiring/Connection. You shuld connect 3 wires between SWD/CN4 connector on Nucleo with iA6B.
a) Nucleo Pin#2 -- iA6B CLK (SWCLK) pad.
b) Nucleo Pin#3 -- iA6B GND pad.
c) Nucleo Pin#4 -- iA6B DAT (SWDIO) pad.
Do not connect RST pad.

4. Connect Nucleo to USB connector.

5. Connect 5V/BEC power to iA6B while pushing a SMD Switch on iA6B S1. LED flashes FFF __ FFF __ FFF __......

6. Run ST-LINK Utility and set Address 0x08000000 and Size 0x8000, then click connect button. Ignore some warning , Open file - V1.6 firmware and load, then press Ctrl-P (program and verify).

7. That's all.