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Posted by supercublpflier | Mar 06, 2012 @ 07:10 PM | 2,185 Views
i bought a big carbon fibre rod and am in the process of flatting the wing. followed dillizo's (i think thats how you spell it) on SCC
Posted by supercublpflier | Feb 21, 2012 @ 02:49 PM | 2,332 Views
I would like to start off by saying a big thanks to John Zimmerman of ZiMports on super cub club (another very informative and helpful form on super cubs) for holding a brushless upgrade photo competition which has help me very greatly fiscally.

My goal was to make ailerons and convert the super cub LP to brushless by making a very budget friendly upgrade.

For Ailerons:
I watched and read many threads and videos on cutting out the ailerons and from each I picked up different ideas and measurements. I finally settled on 11 inches long and 1&3/4in wide. It cuts it a little close to the strut attachment on the wing but I think it will work just fine.
To cut out the aileron I measured and marked out exactly where I wanted the aileron to be. I taped down a ruler to get a very straight cut and I used a exacto knife blade in a low watt solder tool so it cut like butter but be careful as to the foam my draw back a little and make a bigger gap than expected. Then I used another ruler to cut out the sides. Once out I was a little scared as I knew there was no going back.
Next step was to cut a bevel on both the aileron and the wing. many people take a great amount of time making this perfect but for me it didnít come out exactly and unless you have the steadiest hand then it might be off and donít worry about it. Some may not agree with this but for hinges I went with a tape hinges for now, itís not the strongest but itís very easy and affordable to do. I used this...Continue Reading