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Posted by brettg | Jan 02, 2013 @ 06:26 AM | 2,502 Views
Picked up an ST Models Blaze electric foam glider this week. I also finally picked up the E-Flite UMX ASK21 which is a gorgeous little sailplane, but I quickly figured out that it's really a bit of a novelty. I still can't wait to try a tow with the Carbon Cub...

The ST Blaze just shoots vertical with a 10 to 20 second burst. My baseline from that is about a 2 minute glide.

This evening at around 7:00PM I managed to get a 5:30 flight out of it with a nice late afternoon thermal. Not a particularly hot day, so looking forward to hitting some warming air tomorrow morning...

The Blaze was very easy to put together and feels very strong. The wings seem unnaturally rigid for a foamy.

I haven't quite figured out why you would want to perform aerobatics with a glider, but the Blaze can certainly handle it. Spins, inverted flight, tight rolls and tumbles.

There are no flaps, but the ailerons are well placed for flaperon settings. They don't run right out to the wing tips, so I haven't found any weird stall charchteristics. Slows it down nicely for both soaring and landings.

I'm running a relatively small 1300MAh battery in it, but I'm finding that it's fine for about 15 minutes of straight up / straight down action. I imagine that this should allow me to get better thermaling out of it...
Posted by brettg | Feb 17, 2012 @ 02:39 AM | 2,347 Views
As a teenager I spent hours scratch building balsa and Microfilm models to go with my 0.49 TeeDee micro motor and 2 channel radio gear that I salvaged from a Tamiya Hotshot. In time I added some Micro Servos and a smaller receiver, but kept using the old 2 channel Tx for years.

Fast forward 20 years and Horizon Hobby have re-ingited my love of flying and RC with the E-Flite and Parkzone Ultra Micro series. HH make some fantastic well finished tiny models that can easily zip around the local cricket oval (here in Australia) without a care!

My hangar:
Fixed Wing:
Hobbyzone Champ x 2 (Training Squadron)
Parkzone P-51 Mustang (Retired)
Parkzone F4U Corsair
Parkzone Sukhoi Xp (Retired)
Parkzone F-27Q Stryker
Parkzone Spitfire
Durafly Edge 540 v3 Micro
E-Flite UMX 4-Site (Retired)
E-Flite UMX SBach 342
E-Flite UMX Beast (Retired)
E-Flite UMX Beast 3D
E-Flite UMX Gee Bee
E-Flite UMX Hyper Taxi
E-Flite UMX Mig 15 x 2
E-Flite UMX Carbon Cub
E-Flite UMX Carbon Cub with Floats
E-Flite UMX SBach 3D
E-Flite UMX Yak 54

Blade mSR X
Blade mCP X v2
Blade Nano CPX
Blade Nano QX

E-Flite UMX Ask 21
ST Models Blaze

Spektrum DX8
Pheonix RC Simulator

On order:
Eflite Edge 540 QQ

I'll be documenting my exploits here on youtube at my UltraMicroRC channel: