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Posted by scootrb4 | Dec 22, 2013 @ 08:57 AM | 5,523 Views
This is my first entry in over a year here.
A year ago I decided that I want to move up to larger wood framed petroleum powered planes.My first purchase was Kyosho FW190. It was a great little plane with a Saito 82 and it came with a flight box. I learned a lot about flying Nitro with this plane. Eventually it suffered from too many hard landings, runway overshot, or undershot, or missed altogether – L O L
That plane was followed by the Nitro plane T 34 mentor. I powered it with an OS 61. It was a great little plane that we clocked at 99 miles an hour.
Followed by a Nitro planes 50 size spitfire powered by a Saito 91. She was a tremendous flyer until the wing fell off
finally my first gas plane was a CMP 120 size 0. I overpowered it with the DLE 30.
The model had a wing incident problem. I struggled with balance, adding 2 pounds of dead weight to the nose. Ultimately, I moved the leading edge of the wing down 7 mm. This took care of most but not all of the incident problem. The demise of this model taught me a valuable lesson about linkage connections. I lost the elevator control at high-altitude
I'm currently getting the first few flights in on a CMP 120 size Corsair powered by an evolution 35 GT. This is a great flying combination.
More later– thanks for reading
Posted by scootrb4 | Oct 17, 2012 @ 04:29 PM | 6,131 Views
Emoticons RCG should have = feel free to copy location and paste. Maybe RCG will get the idea and do something to improve communication and fun.

If you have a favorite post it here... keep it clean!
Posted by scootrb4 | Feb 12, 2012 @ 12:02 PM | 6,397 Views
I'm new to the RC world. I'm tickled to have found such a great forum and hope to make lots of friends here. I got my first plane, a HZ Super Cub, Nov 2011.
I flew RF sim for a year while watching my neighbor build and fly. He's to blame for this madness.

With all the help in the SC thread, I modified the SC with the usual, 3" shorter & flattened wing with ailerons.
And a 480-1320kv brushless motor... that was fun.
But it was all in training, like my thumbs, for the PZ P_47 Thunderbolt that arrived for Christmas.
I put the Eflite retracts on it and it looks great in the air. And lands beautifully.
Next came the Wildcat from PZ and it got crashed.... so a power 10 motor is being put in on the rebuild.
My real love is the warbirds. The men that flew them were heroes.
I like to trade, I have 300 positive eBay trades over 5 yrs, so don't be afraid to bargain with me
That's about all I got, like I said I'm new. So if you got any good tips lemme have em. Thanks, Scotty