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Posted by 7oneWo1f | Dec 20, 2012 @ 11:54 AM | 6,170 Views
I trust 3DHS, EF, and PA all offer planes that fly well. If you're looking for value, HobbyKing also offers at least one plane that I thought flew well for the money, but it came with a longer delivery time, no spare parts, less than top shelf hardware (the included control arms weren't the best).

If I lived in Austrailia, I'd probably pick up a PA. For now, waiting for the reports of improvments in U.S. customer service to continue to come in.

And, for the sake of any vendors reading this: The best customer service is never having to contact you after I hit the confirm order button.

Automating shipping fulfillment with status update emails is one way to do this. If it is a busy time, and you're orders are taking a few days to fulfill, an automated email indicating the estimated ship date due to the backlog would go a long way toward having to field "where's my stuff" emails and phone calls.

The next best customer service is actually being able to get ahold of somebody who will address an issue without too much work on my part, too much work in either getting ahold of you and also in arranging for the photos, proving that I didn't buy it second hand, etc.

I view a vendor that trusts its customers as trustworthy. And I understand that new customers sometimes don't know that something that seems wrong really isn't. In this case, I really appreciate being educated in a friendly manner. You might lose some money on the one sale considering...Continue Reading