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Posted by 7oneWo1f | Nov 04, 2012 @ 11:37 AM | 10,998 Views
WM Factory tour for young RC pilot Xander (8 min 38 sec)

My family was blessed to be able to take a once in a decade extended vacation to China this past summer. I was sadly unable to accompany them due to work commitments.

But, while they were there, I discovered Winner's Model aerobatics, and bought a couple of their planes, and began a cordial email correspondence with Mr. Frank Liu.

It wasn't long before Mr. Liu and his wife graciously offered to give my son a tour of his model RC airplane factory, and also to let my son fly one of Mr. Liu's planes.

Coincidentally, during the trip, Typhoon Vincente was hitting the area, but the folks in this part of China are a hardy bunch, and it didn't slow down factory production or the scheduled tour.

The above home video isn't the highest production quality to say the least, but I thought I'd share it because most of the planes we buy in the U.S. are made by real people who work in factories similar to the one.

These are people who take pride in their work, people who have families, and people whose livelihood is based on providing the equipment we need to enjoy our hobby.

When I was a child, my own mother worked in a Tonka Trucks factory in mound, MN to supplement the small amount of money my father earned as a U.S. marine. The work wasn't the most glamorous, but it was work, and a stepping stone to other jobs for both her and her children, and the money she earned helped put food on the table.

So a special thank you to the factory workers in China. May your children take advantage of your dedication and hard work and become the brain surgeons, engineers, scientists, and wise political leaders of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, know that many of us appreciate the good work you do.

And an extra thank you to Mr. Frank Liu, whose attention and instruction left indelible memories in the mind of a 10 year old boy who loves RC.

WM's website: 3D fly
Posted by 7oneWo1f | Nov 01, 2012 @ 10:07 AM | 6,869 Views
The 48" MXS EXP from Extreme Flight is one of the best RC airplanes I've ever flown, and it is reputed to be one of the best ARFs ever.

The following video was taken on a windy day, and isn't my best day at the sticks, but it does illustrate the plane's pitch authority and the harrier stability.

48" MXS EXP by Extreme Flight (5 min 55 sec)

In the video, I do KE-spins, waterfalls, a no-mix cobra/wall, a short roller, some knife edges, and otherwise just have fun in the wind.

All of the hardware included with the ARF is top shelf. The plane comes with racing wing tips, and about the only fault with the 48" version of the plane is that these are difficult to install using the included philips head screws. However, if you use the hex screws listed at the bottom of this post, they should install as easily as the racing wing tips install on the 64" MXS (another fine plane).

I have tried the plane with racing wing tips only, side force generators only (SFGs), both racing wing tips and SFGs, and neither, and have found that it is easiest to dial this plane in with SFGs only. But your experience may very, so try all of the combinations.

What you will need for this plane:
o The Extreme Flight MXS-EXP ARF
o Torque 2814T/820
o Airboss 45A ESC (If in stock, buy the power combo when you buy the ARF for a big discount).
o APC 12x6E propeller
o 2" Red spinner
o Hitec HS-5065MG (x3)
o Hitec HS-5085MG (x1)
o Revolectrix 2200 mah 60/120C 4S Lipo battery

Building tools and supplies:
o Hanger 9 Covering iron
o Thin CA
o 30 minute epoxy
o Dremel 4486 MultiPro Keyless Chuck
o Pin vice
o Small drill bits
o Hitec HPP-21 PC Digital Servo Programmer
o Hobby knife or razor blades
o Sand paper or small file

Misc. and optional upgrades:
o #2x9/16" Servo Mounting Screws
o XOAR Electric Prop 12 x 6
o B&E Graphix/Extreme Flight Red on Air Release
o Xander's precisely cut ultracote hinge seals (Highly recommended way to inexpensively improve performance of control surfaces).